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anti-aging skin mist | L'or des Pharaons | The Health Factory | Love, Maisie

I was recently contacted to see if I would be interested in trying out The Health Factory’s L’Or des Pharaons(the gold of the Pharaohs) anti-aging skin mist! I was quite intrigued at the sound of this product and it’s never to early to start preparing for wrinkles, is it? Heck, if I can scare the buggers off I’ll be more than happy to!

I’ve never actually used any anti-aging products before, but when really is the right time to start? Luckily, upon receiving this little bottle of gold, it came with a bit of information about itself, which is perfect because I’m not too familiar with the world of anti-aging! The L’or Des Pharaons by The Health Factory has been designed to enhance your natural complexion but also to keep any wrinkles at bay! What I particularly liked the sound of is that this product has no chemicals in it at all. It contains purified and revitalized water and pure gold, yup, real gold!

The minerals gold, platinum and zinc have been added to this product in the smallest particles possible, making it easier for your skin to quickly absorb the benefits! The gold has anti aging properties, zinc aids in oil control(perfect for my combination skin!) and platinum helps to tone, firm and regenerate your skin. This product boasts to be revitalising and help to combat visible signs of aging, effectively defying the effects of time!  

anti-aging skin mist | L'or des Pharaons 2 | The Health Factory | Love, Maisie

Following the guidelines, I spritz this anti-aging skin mist five times, which is enough to cover my whole face, onto my face. Being that this product is 100% chemical free and natural, it doesn’t have a scent, which is great because I can get really put off face products if they have a nasty smell to them! It really doesn’t take long for my skin to absorb this product, so I let it dry into my skin on it’s own and don’t rub it in or pat if off or anything, all this is before applying my daily moisturiser and face of make up!

This product feels really refreshing on my skin and actually, once dried actually almost instantly gives my skin a little bit of a firmer/tight feeling which I quite like! Will it keep my wrinkles at bay? Well, I shall have to continue to use this little bottle of gold and let you know in the future! I have added the L’or des Pharaons to my daily skincare routine and I’m pretty sure I’ll be repurchasing once I’ve used it all up because I really do love the way that it makes my skin feel!

Have you tried this product before? What did you think? You can buy yourself a bottle of L’or des Pharaons online here for £40 for a 15ml bottle. Do you buy into anti-aging products? Which is your favourite? Let me know!

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* This item was gifted to me through a PR company, this does not effect my views and opinions on the product. All views are 100% honest and of my own.

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