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Decor Wishlist | Monochrome | Love, Maisie
As this post goes live, it will be our moving house day, woohoo! I’m beyond excited to move into our new home! Be sure to keep up with the move over on my twitter, where I’m sure I’ll be complaining ALL day haha! So to keep in today’s theme, I though I’d share a little decor wishlist. I’ve been buying so many little bits and bobs over the last 6 weeks so looking at home decor is my new favourite past time. 

Monochrome is always going to be a classy look. It’s clean, crisp and allows for random pops of colour to be thrown into the mix should you wish! So I decided to scour the internet high and low for some of my favourite black and white decorative pieces out there at the moment and hopefully, if you’re in need of some, this will give you some inspiration!
If money were no object, I’d probably fill my house to the brim with “bits and bobs.” I just love anything that adds a little bit extra to a room, y’know? Like this glass tumbler set which is actually a lamp! How gorgeous is it? This beauty will cost you £42.40 but I bet it would look beautiful on a plain/boring side board! Succulents and mini planters? Another bits and bobs esk item that also happens to be a blogger cliche, perfect! This trio ticks all the boxes here and is available for £38.33 right here
I love having fresh flowers in the house, so of course, that means there needs to be a vase or two at hand at all times. This platinum style vase is something a little bit different that, paired with white roses, I think would look great on your coffee table! Our new coffee table is actually black so perfect match, right? It’s available online now for £22.
In my last homewear wishlist I featured a bright yellow vintage telephone. For something a bit more subtle in colour, here’s a black one! This one in particular can be found in Selfridges and comes to a total of £49.99.
These next two items are both from Firstly, we have this black and white giraffe print cushion! Something a little bit funkier than your usual zebra and cheetah print patterns. £12 and it’s yours! But the real gem of these two items is this Eiffel tower lamp. How absolutely gorgeous is it? I’m thinking bedside table material? You can grab this online now for just £29!
Last but not least, I’ve picked out these two black and white prints. If you’ve been reading around these parts for a while, you’ll know I’m a bit of a Disney fan.. and you’ll also know that that’s a bit of an understatement. This simple Mickey Mouse print would look great in any room of the house really! As would this speech bubble! Although I think I’d like it best in an office or office corner of the room? Both of these prints are available online by clicking the links and the speech bubble comes in a choice of size and frame, so you can have it sent to you exactly as you’d like it to be!
So there we have it, my monochrome decor wishlist! What do you think of my picks? Will you be making any purchases? Let me know! What’s on your decor wishlist right now?
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  1. A lovely post, I love monochrome.

  2. Eek, happy moving day! Hope it all went smoothly for you all, don't overdo things now! 🙂

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches Travel & Lifestyle Blog

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