Instagram has to be my favourite social media platform. Sure, the game of gaining is a pretty hard one right now, but scrolling through looking at other people’s amazing feeds is probably one of my biggest past times right now! Today, I thought I’d share a handful of my current favourite Instagram accounts!

Olivia (@livpurvis)
First up, we have the blogging babe that is Olivia! Currently, you can expect lots of lovely fresh and pastel shades over on Liv’s Instagram, it’s super refreshing from a lot of the darker autumn/winter themed feeds that seem to be knocking about at the moment. Not only do I adore Liv’s feed, but her blog What Olivia Did is one of my favourite’s too. I’m sure you’re already a reader, but if not, I highly recommend having a peep!

Heather (@sugarpea_)
Not only does Heather have the most amazing hair at all times, her Instagram feed is always killer too! I’ve been a follower(sounds totally creepy right?) of Heather’s for years now, since the days of her blog, Effie’s Makeup Box! Heather’s hair is currently a gorgeous blue colour, but girl’s not afraid of a bit of pink and peach either! For total feed aesthetic goals, Heather’s ya gal!
Hannah (@hannahfgale)
Now, if you’re gonna sit there and tell me that you don’t know who Hannah Gale is then you’re either a) lying or b) lying. Again, a babe with a babein’ blog too, but her Instagram is also a place that I often find myself gawking over. Hannah is currently in DisneyLand Paris so her feed is drop dead gorgeous right now, give it a look! Even when she’s not at the happiest place on earth, she always makes her photos look magical!
Lua (@luanna90)
Taking things overseas, this next Instragrammer(is that a word now?) is the beautiful Luanna. Lua is the lovely lady behind Le-Happy blog which has been a favourite of mine now for a good couple of years! With her grungy style and fiery coloured hair, Luanna’s feed has always been one of my go to’s for style inspiration!
Hailey (@haileydevine)
Someone who I only discovered a couple of months ago is the absolutely amazing Hailey Devine. Mumma to two gorgeous girlie’s and wife to the equally as lovely Brad, Hailey’s account is filled with gorgeous photographs of her and her family in their daily life. I first found Hailey whilst looking for some mumma’s to follow a couple of months ago when I stumbled across her website Something Devine which is also incredibly gorgeous! I highly recommend Hailey and her account to everyone, not just mumma’s! 
So there we have it, five of my current favourite Instagram accounts! I’m such a religious user of Instagram and I really like these types of posts, so I thought I’d share these guys with you. Let me know if this is something you’d be happy to see more of on the blog and maybe once a month I can share 5 more favourites?! Who are you favourite people to follow on Instagram? Let me know!
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