"I am focused and persistent. I will never quit" | Quote of the week | #79 | Love, Maisie
“I am focused and persistent. I will never quit.” *img source
So, this weeks quote is more of a positive affirmation, but when I found it over on Pinterest, it really resonated with me. I have decided that I’m going to write this out in pretty handwriting on a little piece of paper and stick it to my mirror for the rest of the week, so that every time I see it I am reminded to keep repeating it to myself.

Keeping focused whilst being pregnant and not feeling that great in general recently has been quite the challenge, but I’m determined to keep focused on the positives and the “end goal” so to speak. That being our little baby boy of course ♡ I’m trying my very best to keep focused on my little corner of the internet which really, will always be my first baby!  
So this week, I want you to either print off this image or write it out and stick it on your mirror too! Or just somewhere that you’ll see it and be reminded of it every single day. You could even set it as your desktop and/or phone background! Let me know if you’re doing this with me! 
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