If you missed my last bump update, you can catch it right here.

I’ll jump straight into and say that week 33 sucked. It’s probably not going to come as much of a surprise to anyone really, we all know that pregnancy hasn’t been the best time of my life has it? Don’t get me wrong, I love our little baby that we’re so so so close to meeting now, but the pregnancy side of things isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Bump update | Weeks 33 + 34 | 34 weeks + 6 days | Love, Maisie

Symptoms wise, my hands started to get really sore. It didn’t stop me from doing day to day things or anything, but I certainly noticed it a lot more compared to the previous week. It even started to pain my wrists as well as my fingers. My midwife did say that it would probably get worse before it gets better, oh the joys!

The back ache has well and truly set it in. Holy hell it’s just horrible! I wasn’t in any excruciating pain but it is a constant pain that just lingers, do you know what I mean? I imagine it’s what people who have long on going back problems experience on a daily basis. I do not envy ya’ll.

The main bad thing about week 33 was that my mood just dropped, like really dropped. Since we moved, my mood overall has been on the up, which has been really really lovely, so when my mood suddenly dropped drastically again, it got me really down. I really need to do an in depth separate post on all of this but basically, I hit my low again and it wasn’t pleasant, it’s actually why I stopped vlogging for vlogmas.

Thankfully, week 34 arrived and I started to feel quite a bit better in myself. I decided not to pick up vlogging again but it is something that I will deffo be doing in the New Year to document the end of my pregnancy and the arrival of our little man! If you’d like to see vlogs like that, let me know! And remember, you can subscribe to my channel here.

Bump Update | Weeks 33 + 34 | 34 weeks + 6 days! | Love, Maisie

As you can see from the photos above, not only are my hands still sore, they’re ginormous as well! You may remember that I spoke about oedema in some of my earlier pregnancy blog posts and I’ve basically sort of dipped in and out of it over the last couple of months, but I did find that during week 34 my legs, feet and ankles did get severely swollen. I hate sitting with my feet up, it might sound like heaven to some people but I just hate it! I’ve found that walking lots and drinking lots of fluids(surprisingly) does help a lot. Some days are worse than others but when I make more of a conscious effort to do those two things, I do notice an improvement.

Speaking of walking, it has started to get a little uncomfortable and painful. Again, I did ask the midwife about this when I started to get slight niggles and pains in my pelvic and groin area and she said it’s basically because the baby’s head is pushing against everything down there, so it makes things a little uncomfortable, thanks buba!

During week 34 I also saw my midwife, who I don’t know if I mentioned but I really, really like! She’s the kind of woman who probably wouldn’t take any shit if you know what I mean. She did the usual checks and everything was looking great! We always seem to spend so much time talking, I really hope she’s around when I eventually go into labour! My next appointment is scheduled in for week 36, so just after Christmas, so of course I’ll keep you informed of how that goes in the next bump update!

Sorry to end on a tmi moment, but honest is the best policy! I’m not sure if I have already mentioned this or not, but bladder weakness is bloody irritating! If you’re pregnant or have ever been pregnant, I’m sure you’ll know the struggle! I’m not constantly peeing my pants but more often than not, just after I pee I get a tiny bit decide to come out, which is just seriously irritating. But if I need to go, I need go. There’s no such thing as waiting until there’s a toilet close by anymore, it’s making sure there is one and I can power walk to it haha!

As this post goes live, I am 35 weeks + 2 days pregnant, eep! January 25th really can’t come quick enough! We can’t wait to meet you little one!

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