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If you’re not signed up to a subscription box of some sort, are you telling the truth? From food subscriptions to manicure’s in boxes, how about a razor subscription service delivered straight to your door? That’s right, a shaving subscription box! Say hello to Friction Free Shaving!


So how does this work? With Friction Free Shaving, you can sign up to receive a monthly subscription box of razors! Each subscription box brings 1 x razor handle and 4 x razor heads, that’s one head for each week, keeping things nice and sharp and nice and hygienic too! We’ve all had that awful shaving rash haven’t we? Well, that ladies and gentlemen is mainly cause by two things. Old/dirty blades that have had bacteria build up on them and blunt blades! So changing your blades each week is something we should all definitely be doing to achieve a better, more comfortable shave! If you feel like you won’t get through a head a week, that’s not a problem, you can opt for bi-monthly deliveries or postpone your subscription until you’re ready to order another!
There are three subscription services available and these are as follows:
The Faye, your basic razor, which has 2 blades per head, for just £3 a month
The Frankie, the pink princess, with 3 blades per razor will cost you £5 per month
The Samantha, the beautiful gold razor, containing 5 blades per head for just £7 a month
The box that kindly landed on my doorstep thanks to the lovely people over at FFS(best abbreviation ever, isn’t it) was The Samantha box*. Now, not only is this their razor with the most blades, it’s golden, literally! Who knew a razor could be so Instagrammable?!
I’ve been using the same Gillette razor for what feels like 10 years now, of course I’ve changed the head in that time, but I’ve actually become sick and tired of the increasing cost in replacing said heads! I think I’ve been paying in excess of £12 each time for three razor heads, ridiculous, right? I also found that my old razor would often feel blunt after the first use, which when it’s costing £4 a head, isn’t what I’m about. 
So Friction Free Shaving’s blades are honestly a saviour! Shaving whilst pregnant isn’t the easiest of things to do in the shower, but with my new Samantha razor it’s honestly a whole lot easier. I’m thinking it’s down to the 90 degree pivot head and super sharp blades. So far I’m really impressed with the quality of these blades and from just £3 for your razors to be delivered straight to your door, you can’t beat it!  
Friction Free Shaving have also just launched their very own shaving cream! Sadly, it does contain honey so I won’t be able to use it, so instead, I’ve decided to have a mini giveaway! You can enter the giveaway on twitter by clicking just here

I would highly recommend the Friction Free Shaving service to all of you lovely ladies, not only does a razor subscription service mean that you will always have fresh razors to hand, but you’ll also be saving yourself £££ and preventing those nasty shaving rashes! You can chose your subscription box here! OH not to forget, the FFS service has free shipping too, woohoo! Are you signed up to this subscription service? What do you think! Let me know!
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*This post contains PR samples that have kindly be sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and of my own.

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