Achieving the perfect eye make up is a pretty tough challenge for most of us I’m sure! From awkward, uneven cat flicks to eye shadow that just won’t blend, it’s certainly not the easiest of skills to master! I thought I’d share this eye make up look with you and talk you through how I’ve found the KISS beauty range to be my best pal in helping me to really achieve these perfect party eyes!

Perfect Party Eyes with KISS | Love, Maisie

Winged eyeliner has been my go to make up look since I started using make up, but nailing it is something that still ten years on, I am yet to do. When I had the opportunity to try out the Kiss Wing It gel eyeliner that comes with it’s very own stencil for multiple eyeliner flicks, I just had to give it a go!

Not only is this my new favourite eyeliner but the stencils are amazing too! It makes creating even cat flicks easy peasy, and that’s with the brush it comes with too which is such a rarity!! There’s everything from a super sleek and thin option to Amy Winehouse inspired flicks! It’s deffo my latest make up bag staple and is in strong competition as my all time favourite gel liner. It’s smooth in consistancy, easy to apply and dries nice and quickly on the lid,


When it comes to eyeshadow over the festive period, I really like to try and use all my shimmery shades that I don’t usually get much use out of throughout the rest of the year. For this makeup look, I used my The Balm Nude’tude palette, but for an even more festive look, I’d suggest getting your hands on some foiled eyeshadows like the single shades from MakeUp Geek.

As for the eyelashes, the Posh lashes by KISS are just gorgeous aren’t they? Not only were they super easy to apply(my favourite kind of lash, thank you very much) but they look luscious and long but still pretty natural! Basically, they make it seem as though I have been blessed with beautiful natural lashes, but haha I tricked you all, they’re fake! One thin coat of mascara to blend my natural lashes to the strip lases and there we have it, my best party trick.

Please excuse the low resolution of this gif, my laptop can’t quite handle high quality anything really.
To complete the look, I used a crap tonn of highlighter in the corners of my eyes and voila, what d’ya think? How do you achieve the perfect party eyes during the festive period? If you can get your paws on them, then I highly suggest checking out the KISS range, of which I believe the entire eyelashes selection is available in Boots! Let me know what products you’re using to achieve the perfect party eyes this festive season!   
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