Is there anything more delicious and cosy than a hot chocolate? I don’t think so! You might think that being vegan makes it hard to have a really luxurious hot chocolate, but it’s actually really easy! Being as it’s Christmas Eve, if you’re not rushing around doing last minute shopping like Jack is, why not treat yourself to my ultimate vegan hot chocolate!

So what will you need?
3 x heaped teaspoons of Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate
Boiling Water
Soya Milk or any other milk alternative
1 x tsp Cacao Nibs
1 x Candy Cane
Freedom Vegan Vanilla Marshmallows(Available from Holland and Barrett)

Top tips: With the Cadbury’s drinking chocolate, make sure you don’t accidentally pick up the Cadbury’s instant hot chocolate as that isn’t vegan friendly! When on the hunt for vegan friendly candy cane’s, just be sure to make sure there’s no gelatine or beeswax in them!
Start by picking out your favourite mug! If you’re anything like me and my family, you’ll have a whole cupboard full to choose from! Once you’ve decided, pop your three heaped teaspoons of drinking chocolate and cacao nibs in and just about cover with boiling water and give it a good mix.
Depending on the size of your mug and/or how strong you like your hot chocolate, you’ll need to heat or froth your milk! You can do this in the microwave, on the hob or using a frother! We’re lucky enough to have the aeroccino milk frother from Nespresso, so I used this to froth my soya milk! Once your milk is ready, simply pour into your mug and give it all a good mix together!
Now you can add your marshmallows and candycane! If you let the candycane sit in there for a little while, you’ll get a hint of peppermint flavour in your hot chocolate, delicious! This is such an easy way to jazz up a plain ol’ hot chocolate, and hey if you’re not vegan you could still give it a go with your regular ingredients too! Although, I do highly recommend trying this vegan version because well.. I couldn’t tell you what a non vegan version tastes like but this is probably better!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas whatever you’re up to this weekend! Let me know what your favouite way to make your hot chocolate is! I’d love to see photos if you’ve made a festive one! Love to you all x 
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