If you missed my week 35 + 36 bump update, you can catch it right here.

Bump update | Week 37 | Love, Maisie | Pregnancy updates

Week 37, completed! So how is full term pregnancy I hear you ask? Bloody tough I tell ya! I constantly feel heavy and tired and even simple tasks like walking at a normal pace are a challenge! Apart from feeling like I’m growing bigger every single day, not a huge amount has changed over the past week.
I have however started to feel more pressure and pain, when I’m walking, in my groin/pelvic area, lovely I know. I’m assuming either the baby has dropped slightly(I don’t think he has but we shall see what the midwife says) or it’s just the pressure of his ever growing weight!

During week 37 I washed all of baby Corbett’s clothes and folded them away into his draws, yes, the child has his own draws now! It was actually quite strange seeing all of his little baby grows and socks and such on our airers, they’re all just so tiny! If you’ve had your little one already, how long did they wear their “newborn” clothes before you had to move over to the 0-3 months pile? I’m convinced that baby Corbett is going to be a mini giant so I don’t think we’ll even get through all of his newborn clothes before he grows out of them!
Bump update | Week 37 | Baby Corbett | Love, Maisie
My favourite thing this week has been my birthing/sports ball that Jack so kindly bought for me! (I think it’s this one) I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but Jack actually bought this for me during week 36 I think it was, but I’ve put it to it’s full use this week. I sit on it and bounce and roll my hips like advised by the internet to get the baby in the best position for birth and I even sit on it to write these blog posts now! It’s so comfortable and really takes away a lot of the pressure and weight whilst I’m using it. If you’ve not got one and you’re in your third trimester, I highly recommend it!

I thought that at this point in my pregnancy I wouldn’t be super hungry all the time as there just isn’t any space left in/around my stomach, but no, I’m constantly starving, no matter how much I eat, I swear I can’t feel full anymore? It’s odd and actually quite annoying because all I really want to eat is chocolate and pizza.. not the healthiest of choices really. Fun fact, Jack and I have banned ourselves from ordering from our favourite vegan pizza place until after the baby is born! We’ve not yet caved since we agreed a couple of weeks ago, but I almost placed an order this week but it was closed so I couldn’t, haha!

Bump Update | Week 37 | Nursery | Love, Maisie
I talked about it last week but I’ve been continuing to drink my raspberry leaf tea evdryday! Like I said, Google and other mummas tell me what it does is help to soften the cervix and make for an easier labour, rather than the more popular belief that it can actually bring on labour, but I’m happy with that! I’m down for making labour as easy as possible! (I know it won’t be easy in the slightest but ya’ll know what I mean!)
We’re pretty much ready for baby to arrive now and it’s honestly just a waiting game! We have the Moses basket next to the bed and all of his things are ready and oragnised in his nursery, which I know he won’t even be using for a while but still! I originally thought that baby Corbett might make an appearance on January 19th, but I’m beginning to think he’s going to arrive super late!  

The only other thing to report at the moment is that I’ve been having lots of braxton hicks contractions that don’t hurt at all but feel rather odd. They make my stomach go super hard all over.. the only way I could describe it to Jack was, imagine if you have a balloon and inside that balloon you have a shape say, and if you suck all the air from the balloon you’re left with an odd shaped, tight balloon? Do I sound mad or does someone understand what I mean, haha! How would you describe your braxton hicks?

That’s it for this week! This post goes live and I am 38 weeks + 2 days and the drama has already begun! Sigh, we’re all fine so don’t worry, but remember to come back next Friday for our week 38 bump update! Oh, and before I forget to mention it, we will be filming a pregnancy Q&A soon for my YouTube channel, so please please please tweet me ANY questions you may have or leave some below!

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  1. Hey Maisie!
    Don't know if I have any specific questions, I just want to see/know how you are getting ready. Emotionally, do you have any fears, or just excitement? What are you packing in your hospital bag? How did you decide on your birth plan? (I'm new here, so sorry if you've already posted about these things!!!) I'm expecting my first in August, so can't wait to hear what you have to say:)

  2. Hi lovely! Thank you SO much for your questions, I'll be sure to talk about them in my video on my YouTube channel (
    As for the hospital bag, we've packed pretty much according to the lovely Rachel's post here >
    We have a couple of differences but Rachel said herself that she ended up using pretty much everything they packed, so I'd highly suggest taking a look at her post 🙂
    Best of luck with your pregnancy! xx

  3. Braxton Hicks are so tricky! I've been wondering how they feel. I woke up last night to this period-a-like pain in my lower stomach & lower back. That was sooo weird and it lasted for an hour and half. I was googling like crazy about everything lol 😀
    Then again, today – I felt how my belly turned hard a couple of times and that's normal Braxton Hicks I guess(?) . I've got no clue anymore 😀 I'm at week 34 next Monday so if this thing wants to come out they'll let it come out. Last night I was absolutely sure that this is the moment but nah, hopefully he spends at least a couple of more weeks in my womb.

    But hey, yay! Week 37 for you! That's so exciting ??

    ~ Jasmin N

  4. Rinoa was in her newborn clothes for about 2 months! She was a little smaller than the newborn clothes so it took a few weeks for her to even start fitting into them! It all depends on the baby of course! She still fits in some 0-3 vests and she's 7 months now!

    You and your bump are looking gorgeous! I bet you're so excited for their arrival! There's really not long to go now for you! At this point for me I was in hospital getting my induction started!

    A question I have (I'm not sure if you've answered this before!): What have been your favourite and your least favourite things about pregnancy?

    Jasmine |

  5. Google is our worst enemy as pregnant ladies I think haha! Yeah My stomach gets rock solid when I'm having braxton hicks, so weird!
    Thanks hehe very exciting indeed! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy my lovely! xxx

  6. Wow 2 months? I didn't think it would be so long! I'm convinced we're having a 10lb baby haha!! Eeeeep she sounds like a wee little thing :3
    THank you so so much!!
    Thanks for the question!! I'll let you know when my video is up! xx

  7. My first son was ginormous and he never fitted in any of the dinky newborn outfits we had brought for him, he was 10lb13oz! I don't think this baby will be quite as big (I have a csection booked for next week so I know I won't be going over) but I still haven't bought any newborn outfits, just 0-3. Thinking maybe I should now?!! xx

  8. whoa a ten pounder, blimey!! Even if the 0-3 a little big, it doesn't really matter does it? But clothes that are too small are pointless hehe! Best of luck with the birth of your new little bundle! x

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