If you missed my weeks 33 + 34 bump update, you can catch it here.
Bump update | Weeks 35 + 36 | Pregnancy Updates | Love, Maisie
Welcome to the last of my double week bump updates! As this blog post goes live, I am 37 weeks + 2 days pregnant, which apparently is classed by some as full term, eeeek! So in an eager, optimistic attempt to coo baby out a little earlier than January 25th, as of next Friday, I’ll be sharing solo weekly updates! Hurrah!

Let’s head back to week 35. Mostly, all went well, although it started off a little rocky! On the first day of week 35, I found myself awake at 4am, which happens fairly often right now ngl, but something just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt little baby Corbett having a good wiggle around. The night before at dinner I had noticed that he was a little quiet but sort of shrugged it off as me just over thinking it, but come morning I was scared. We phoned the hospital and they suggest a couple of things to try and failing that, to call back and head in to be put on the monitor. Of course, after around twenty minutes and still not feeling confident, we decided we would head to the hospital.
On the drive to the hospital I felt an all mighty kick right under the ribs, cheeky little thing! At the hospital, we were put on the monitor and within seconds he was kicking away and rolling all over the place! Thankfully, everything was fine and baby’s movements and heartbeat were looking great! Panic over! I did feel a like “what if I was just wasting the hospitals time” but the midwife that saw to us assured us that if we were ever concerned then to always call them and we can always come back for more monitoring, it’s what they’re there for.  
Bump update | Weeks 35 + 36 | Love, Maisie
Halfway through the week it was Christmas which Jack and I spent with my family this year! We did have plans to head back down to Bracknell the following day, but the thought of sitting in the car for two hours just isn’t a pleasant one when you’re harbouring a beach ball up your jumper. So instead we decided to stay at home and just soak up all the food we possibly could. We succeeded, mainly chocolate and carbs, but hey, that’s what Christmas is for, right?
At the start of week 36, I had my scheduled midwife appointment. As always, she checked my blood pressure, checked on me oedema and measured for protein in my urine. Thankfully, all was perfectly fine but of course, I was still as swollen as always but no signs of pre-eclampsia which is great news! Normally, I have always measured exactly as my weeks are. For example, at 32 weeks, I measured 32cm’s, at 34, 34cm’s and so on, but at my 36 weeks appointment I measured a whopping 37.5cm! I know you have 2cm either way before there was any concern and the midwife didn’t pass comment except for, “my, you’re certainly full of baby” so I’m just going to assume that everything is fine and we just have a chunk of a child in there! 
During week 36 I began drinking raspberry leaf tea. After a bit of googling, I read more so that it is supposed to help you to have an “easier” labour and soften your cervix, more so than the popular belief that it will send you into early labour, but hey ho, whichever, if any, it does do, I’d be a happy bunny! Plus, I REALLY like the taste! I’m currently drinking a couple of cups a day, anything from two to five and it’s the Clipper brand which you can pick up in Tesco’s and probably most other supermarkets too. 
Week 36 passed by really slowly, I’m not going to lie and tell you that any of this time has flown by because it really hasn’t. I’m glad to be sitting at 37 weeks now, but I just know that the next three, even possibly four weeks are going to be longggg. I’m trying to keep myself occupied with writing up some blog content and trying to keep to a schedule so that I’ll still, hopefully, be able to blog once little man arrives! I’ll see you next Friday for bump update, week 37, eeep!

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