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Quote of the week | #86 | "You are gold baby, solid gold" | Love, Maisie
“You are gold baby, solid gold” *img source
Happy Monday gang! I thought you might all like a little friendly Monday morning reminder that you’re amazing and you’re totally going to smash this week!

As I’m sure you’re all fully aware by now, I’m currently very, very pregnant(38 weeks + 5 days to be extremely accurate). I’ve not been having the easiest and/or best time emotionally and honestly, these last few weeks are dragging so ridiculously much, it’s almost unbearable. I’m sure plenty of pregnant women get to this point and feel the same. I just can’t wait to meet our little baby boy and to, hopefully, start feeling like myself again!
So this week, I’m going to try and remind myself that in fact, I’m doing pretty well! I’m alive and I’m literally creating a human inside of me. It’s not all bad is it? Here’s to reminding ourselves how badass we all are! You are gold baby, solid gold!

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  1. Love it!! How exciting, the baby will be here before you know it, I'm sure!xx

    Lucy x |

  2. Eeeek how exciting! I'm as excited to see the baby too, and I'm seriously so happy for you. Excellent choice of quote this week – now I'm feeling like a girl boss.

    Lizzie Bee //

  3. We are at similar points in our pregnancy and I'm finding this week is going sooooooo slow!!! I just want to get going with things now! x

  4. So exciting! Enjoy as goes so quick! LOVE this quote!!!!

    Stacey *

  5. Eeek, I hope so! x

  6. Aww thank you so much gorgeous girlie! Glad to hear you're feeling so badass, yes gurl! x

  7. Argh yes, I am 39 weeks today and I already feel like I've been at 39 weeks for agesssssssss hahaha! Good luck with everything in your pregnancy! x

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