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Quote of the Week | #87 | Love, Maisie

Today’s quote of the week is more of a positive affirmation than anything else.. and I bloody love it! “I am a passionate, creative woman. I don’t have all the answers but I know my worth. It took me a long time to accept me for who I am. I will not tolerate being around anyone who makes me feel anything less.” Ladies, can we all take a minute to read this.. and then read it again.. and then always, always remember this? Thank you.

I really love it when people tell me that these’s quote of the week posts give them some motivation for the week, because well, that’s my whole idea with it all! I just want everyone to start their week off on the best foot that they can and to feel determined and ready to take on whatever life throws at them! We are strong, powerful, passionate and creative women, right?(And any men here reading, you’re a strong, powerful, passionate and creative man! Aint no gender discrimination here)

If there are people in your life that make you feel less of the amazing person that you are, then you don’t need them in your life. Whether that’s in your social circle or on social media, you don’t need negative, un-encouraging people surrounding you, bringing you down! You want the people in your life to be lifting you up and celebrating you. My lovely buddy Amie has a great post about why it’s okay to unfollow people on social media, which I highly recommend you having a read of if you feel as though there is too much negativity on your feed or if people just aren’t inspiring you.

I hope today’s blog post will help you along this week. Maybe consider saving this affirmation on your phone and even setting it as your background? Either way, I hope you have a wonderful week and remember, you are passionate, strong and creative!

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  1. Maisie, you've made me get my determined head on, saved the image and going to put it as my lock screen saver so I can remind myself of this everytime I open my iPod!

    Isobel x

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