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If you read my blog whilst I was expecting Tyler, you’ll know that pregnancy wasn’t my favourite thing in the world. In fact, I’ll even go as far to say that I hated it. But, there were a number of things that really helped me along the way to embrace and enjoy the experience from time to time! Today I wanted to share with you the Indigo Herbs Pregnancy Care and Wellbeing Gift Set*!

The perfect gift for your pregnant friend! | Love, Maisie

Indigo Herbs Pregnancy Care and Wellbeing Gift Set – £ 19.99

Pregnancy can be very lonely, and as materialistic as it may sound, receiving gifts whilst you’re growing a tiny human can feel really lovely! So when this showed up at my door from Indigo Herbs I was thrilled! I’ve mentioned on the blog before about how I think self care is really important, but when everything is focused on the baby, it can be hard to remember to take a step back every once in a while and give yourself some well deserved down time(you deserve it!)
This eco-friendly packaged gift set contains loose Raspberry Leaf Tea(50g), the Indigo Herbs Pregnancy Care Massage Oil(100ml), The Pregnancy Care Pure Essential Oil(10ml) from their botanical collection and an adorable strawberry shaped tea infuser. Complete with a handy information booklet with tips and advice on usage for all the products. A pretty sweet deal for £19.99 if you ask me!
Indigo Herbs Pregnancy Care Gift Box | Love, Maisie
If you’re pregnant, I’m sure you’ll have heard about raspberry leaf tea! There’s a lot of conflicting information about it online, so I’ll leave you to do your own extensive research on whether or not it will induce your labour, but what I can tell you is that I really enjoyed drinking it in the last few weeks of my pregnancy. The taste is fairly earthy but if you’re a fan of other herbal teas, this will be right up your street! It is said to have positive health benefits for your uterus and cervix and it is safe to drink throughout your third trimester, but if you feel unsure, just speak to your midwife or doctor about it first!
My favourite of all the products in this gift set is the pregnancy care massage oil! Made up of lavender, geranium and mandarin essential oil, this blend is suitable for use from the second trimester and I just wish that I had gotten my paws on it sooner! The scent is described as “green, warm and fruity” by Indigo Herbs and I’d also say that it has really refreshing notes to it too! Designed to combat stretch marks, not only does this blend smell beautiful, but it sets into the skin wonderfully too and isn’t at all sticky like a lot of oils can be. I used this oil to rub onto my bump and thighs after a bath or shower, which left my skin feeling silky smooth and smelling divine! You could of course ask your other half to use it to give you a good back or feet rub, you deserve that too!
THE perfect gift for your pregnant friend! | With Indigo Herbs | Love, Maisie
Last but not least is the pure Pregnancy Essential Oil blend(10ml). Again, suitable from the second trimester of pregnancy. With the same essential oils as the massage oil, they really do go hand in hand! I suggest adding a couple of drops of the pure essential oil blend to your bath for a calming and soothing soak, but you can also use it for aromatherapy by adding a few drops to a small cup of water and sitting it in your bedroom or burning it with an oil burner.
If you’re on the look out for something to buy your pregnant friend or relative, or maybe you’re pregnant yourself and looking for a little treat, then I highly suggest checking out this beautifully handcrafted gift box! At only £19.99, you can’t not really!

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  1. Ooh this is super handy! One of my friends is now on maternity leave so I wanted to treat her to something that she herself could use (I recently bought her some one pieces). Just worried that I might be too late to buy these now…

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

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