It can be a challenging time to head to the shops in the months after you give birth. After all, you might have lost some body confidence after carrying around your mini human for the last nine months. And you feel like nothing will fit right. However, clothes shopping doesn’t have to be a nightmare for new mums. In fact, here are some things you should consider when clothing shopping when you are a new mum.

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Keep comfort in mind
When you go clothes shopping, it can be easy to just pick items which are bang on trend. After all, you want to still keep in the style stakes even though you are a new mum. However, as much as that top might be at the height of fashion, you need to keep comfort in mind. After all, there are going to be days when you are going to be sitting around with your little one all day. So you will want to be comfortable for hours on end. And that tight top might not tick all the boxes for comfort. Therefore, keep this in mind when you are looking around the shops for some new clothes. You also need to think about the material before splashing the cash. After all, as much as that leather skirt is beautiful, it might not be comfortable when you are at home. Therefore, always consider choosing loose clothing which is stretchable and breathable for when you are with your little one.
Make your own clothes
You might struggle to find anything you like when you go clothes shopping.  After all, they might not fit your body right after having your little one. And it can leave you wishing that you could design your own clothes. Therefore, you should consider doing just that in the months after you give birth. After all, there are a lot of companies out there where you can customise your own clothes. That way, you can make it perfect for you after having your new baby. In fact, companies like tot tshirts will print whatever design you want on the shirt. So you could have your baby’s picture or even their footprints on the new top. And then you will feel comfortable in the fab design. Or you might even want to get the sewing machine out to make some clothes to wear. After all, if you are skilled, you might be able to make some beautiful clothes.
Don’t squeeze into a smaller size
A lot of new mums feel pressure to fit back into their old clothes size after they have had their baby. But you should think twice before trying to squeeze into a size which is just too small. After all, you want to be comfortable when you are out and about with your baby, not constantly adjusting your waistband. And it can make you feel less confident if you are in clothes which just don’t fit right. After all, you will be afraid they will show off all your lumps and bumps. Therefore, go for the bigger size which is bound to be more flattering and will ensure you stay comfortable.


And remember that even if you are just choosing some plain tops and dresses for now, you can accessorise them with beautiful jewellery to give some life to your outfit!

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