Stretch marks. Two words that many expectant mother fears. To be honest, before pregnancy was even a thought in my little world I still worried about stretch marks! Once I knew I was expecting Tyler, I began to lather my non existent bump in bio oil and body butters in a bid to keep stretch marks at bay. To my complete horror, at around 17 weeks pregnant, I discovered a couple of faint stretch marks right at the bottom of my stomach where my bump had just started to pop out.

HOW. How did this happen? Since the get go I’d been using the legendary bio-oil and various other lotions and potions both day and night. But the horrible truth is, if you’re going to get stretch marks, you’re going to get them.. and there isn’t all that much you can actually do to prevent them if it’s part of your make up.

Thankfully, since Tyler was born and my stomach has considerably reduced in size which in hand, has made my stretch marks less prominent and even lightened. Although you might not be able to prevent stretch marks, you can certainly aid in reducing their appearance and fading them.

Exfoliating helps to improve your circulation and regenerate new skin cells, which helps to tighten up your skin! So when Naturelle Cosmetics got in touch to see if I’d like to give their Royal Coffee Scrub with added Tea Tree* a go, I couldn’t say no! Now I’m not brave enough to be posting photos of my bare tummy and thighs just yet, so you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that I just love using this stuff to tighten and exfoliate my skin!

If you’re a fan of the scent of coffee, then you will absolutely love this! The scent doesn’t linger once you’re dry and out of the shower, so don’t worry you won’t spend the rest of your day smelling like Costa. But not only does this royal coffee scrub smell divine but it leaves my skin feeling super smooth and refreshed! I have been trailing this body scrub and using it over my entire body from the neck down and I’m really pleased with how my skin is feeling, especially where all of my stretch marks are!

An added bonus to this product is that it is made up of 100% organic ingredients! So if you’re someone who has quite sensitive skin and often find yourself being irritated by exfoliators, then this natrual scrub will be just perfect for you. With added ingredients such as jojoba oil and avocado oil, it’s no wonder it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth! And of course, being natural and organic it means there’s no nasty micro beads ruining our environment!

The only slight downfall to this product is that I have a white bath and shower tray, so I do have to give it a quick once over once I’ve finished washing this off in the shower, but for such a great product, it’s worth it!

I have found that paying close attention to the areas on my body where my stretch marks are most visible, with this body scrub is really helping to aid their appearance! Like I said, I’m not confident enough to show you my naked body just yet.. but if you’re on the hunt for something to give your skin a bit of a refresh and help to diminish the appearance of your stretch marks then I highly suggest you give this a go! You can pick yourself up a 200g bag for just £9.99 right here.

How do you feel about your stretch marks? Do you try and fight their appearance or embrace them? Have you tried this body scrub? I’d love to know!

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*This post contains PR samples, marked with an *. This does not effect my views and opinions on the product. All views are 100% honest and of my own.