When you feel like you haven’t used the luxury of a seat for the majority of the day, and it’s taken way too long to get the baby to sleep; it’s time to start relaxing as soon as possible, especially if you want to get a proper rest when you eventually head to bed. However, if your head is full of jobs that need doing tomorrow, it can be difficult to wind down both physically and mentally. Therefore you should set some time aside at the end of the day to focus on yourself and you’ll be able to rejuvenate to tackle tomorrow’s never ending list.


Scent And Light
It’s no secret that candlelight can be a calming addition to an environment, so lighting one or two before you sit down on the sofa will help you feel at ease and unwind. Scented candles will further relax you, especially if you choose a fragrance specifically designed to aid rest and sleep; they can often feel like a treat, so you’ll enjoy your evening that little bit more. For some relaxing scented candles inspiration, take a look here. If you’re taking the time to physically create a particular ambience, then your mind will catch up and you’ll end up feeling tranquil from head to toe.
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Cosy Textures And Warmth
Once you’ve set the scene with the scented candles; you don’t want to ruin the flow of your evening by perching on a metal stool. You’ll want to cocoon yourself in your surroundings, and this can be done with soft textures and cosy warmth. Wrap up in a blanket or throw while you sit on the sofa, surrounded by cushions, if you feel like you’re sinking into comfort, your busy brain will start to drift towards relaxation too. Try and stay warm and cosy by using a microwave hot water bottle, or sipping on your favourite hot drink; you can make this time as indulgent as you want, it’s all about releasing some of the daily stresses and feeling good.
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Distract your mind
Everything you physically do in your relaxing evening routine should be to benefit your overall well-being; however, for many busy mums, switching off is no easy task. Distraction is a good way to shift your attention somewhere else, so think about what makes you happy. Watching some trash T.V, flicking through magazines, or reading the latest Sophie Kinsella novel will refocus your thoughts towards something other than the pile of laundry in the corner of the room, and what everyone’s going to be eating for the next week.

Whatever you need to do at the end of a long day, or week, to wind down; ensure you take the time to do it. Busy women and mums often forget to look after themselves, and it’s essential that we make an effort to, because it will result in a healthy, happy household. Think about what you enjoy and give yourself a treat that you’re able to look forward to each day when you’re pretending to be an aeroplane delivering food, or hunting for the best deals on washing tabs in the supermarket.

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