With the great British summertime back on the horizon, it’s time to pull the shorts out of hibernation, brush off the sun cream, and get ready for some fun in the sun. Except, as anyone with little ones knows, it’s not quite that easy. Whether they’re on break from school, or you’re just trying to entertain them through the warmer months, it can be quite a trying time.

Put health first
Whatever you’re doing to celebrate the warmer weather, never let the importance of the health of yourself and your children slip from your mind. Sun cream is an absolute must, even on an overcast day – if you’ve ever dealt with a child with sunburn, you’ll know exactly why. As a mum, keeping a handbag packed with summer essentials helps to guarantee you won’t forget anything. Sun cream, spare hats, wipes (for sticky ice cream fingers) and bottled water are essential. Dehydration in summer can be really dangerous, for adults and kids alike, so keeping a bottle of water either in your bag or in the bottom of the pushchair can keep this danger at bay.


Have a few rainy day plans
Thanks for the wonderfully temperate climate of the British Isles, there is no guarantee that we will have any good weather over the summer months. While your plans for trips to the seaside or the park might be scuppered, it’s always worth to have a few rainy day backup plans, just in case. Trampolining is a great shout for local family days out in the summer – it encourages them to burn any excess energy, and it’s great exercise for mum and dad – Rush UK even do special autism-friendly sessions! Other ideas include local museums, especially ones created with kids in mind. Swimming pools, cinemas, and soft play also offer a fun and dry day out for younger families on wet summers days.


Make the most of outdoors
When the weather is good, get out there. Kids love exploring the great outdoors, and it can be super educational for them too. If you’re lucky enough to live near a forest, print out some Woodlands Trust Nature Detective fact sheets and head out exploring. Little ones will learn about all the trees, plants, and animals that live in the woods, and it’s a great opportunity for them to burn off some energy too.


Try to stick to a routine
When kids are in school and nursery, a daily routine becomes absolutely crucial, but once they’re out of school for summer, the routine can start to fall by the wayside. This can mean that the kids don’t sleep as well at night, are less likely to go down for their afternoon nap, and it can even make them grumpier. Sticking to a routine of waking up at a certain time, eating breakfast, napping at the same time, and a bedtime routine, can help to make the long days of summer go a whole lot more smoothly.

Summer can be a trying time for parents, but with these top tips, everyone will be able to make the most of it.

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