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I have a 3 month old baby, my goodness when did this happen!?

If you’ve been keeping up with me on my social media, or if you read this post, you’ll know that my entry into motherhood has been somewhat of a roller-coaster, but luckily, we have one healthy, happy baby who’s just thriving off of life and I couldn’t be prouder of him! Today I thought I share with you a little update about Tyler’s first 3 months on this planet!

TYLER IS 3 MONTHS OLD | Love, Maisie

I’ll start with talking about the one thing that all parents fear. Sleep and the lack of it. The first few weeks of Tyler’s life were tough sleep wise. Like most newborns, he was waking every couple of hours to feed and that meant getting up several times through the night. I physically and mentally struggled with this massively but thankfully, Jack was always more than ready to do the night feeds when I just couldn’t get myself up out of bed. I am honestly so thankful for how hands on Jack is with Tyler, not just when it comes to night times, but all the time that he is here at home with us.

Thankfully, after about a month and half, Tyler started to go for longer stretches at night, starting at around 12am-6am up until now where he will (usually) sleep from around 9pm-7am! It’s honestly such a blessing and I honestly don’t know how we managed to install this little routine in to him but I’m so glad that we have! I’m just praying that when sleep regression decides it’s time to play with us that it doesn’t disrupt us too much!

Yes, this is fantastic and I wouldn’t change it at all, but, the boy just doesn’t nap! Some days he’ll have maybe one solid hour nap and one or two 10 minute naps but yesterday, he only had one nap for about 45 minutes.. so when it got to about 9pm he was so over tired he had the biggest meltdown he’s ever had! If anyone has any tips on nap times for a 3 month old then please let me know!

Tyler was a pretty big newborn. He weighed a whopping 9lb 5oz when he was born and only ever dropped 4.3% of his birth weight, dropping him to 8lb 13oz, which is still pretty large when you think about where he “popped” out from! He has continued to grow and grow and as of May 5th(13 weeks + 1 day) he is now 15lb 2oz! 

As for percentiles, he has dropped up and down through the top couple of percentiles which myself and the GP are putting down to his reflux, but we’re not worried as he’s still comfortably on the 75th percentile and is as healthy as he can be! If anyone else has a baby with reflux and has any tips on how to handle it, do let me know! We’ve tried medication but that didn’t seem to help him and we’re planning on starting early weaning when he’s 4 months old to see if that helps, which hopefully it will! As for the amount that Tyler is eating right now, he’s just gone up to five 7oz bottles a day! He was on 6oz bottles for what felt like ages, but recently he started to get angry/upset when he finished a bottle so we thought he might still be hungry.. he was! He’s now gone back to being “milk drunk” after his bottle and it’s honestly so hilarious!

TYLER IS 3 MONTHS OLD | Tyler and I | Love, Maisie
Another thing that we found Tyler was struggling with when he was just a few weeks old was colicy like symptoms. He’d be content for around twenty minutes after a feed before bawling his little eyes out and pulling his legs up and kicking them out again. So we gave Infacol a go and thankfully it worked a dream! After about a week we noticed that he seemed much more content and didn’t seem to be so tense and stressed out after his feeds! We’re still giving the Infacol to him before some of his bottles but not all of them, we’re slowly trying to cut the does out and so far, we’ve dropped it from 5 doses a day to 3 and he still seems to be pretty happy!

Tyler has always been long. He’s never been measured by the doctors or midwives but his legs just seem to go on forever! He was in “newborn” size clothes for about three days, before he started to stretch his legs out straight and the legs on the sleepsuits just weren’t long enough for him! So we cracked out all the 0-3 month clothes and although they were huge on him up top, they fit his long pins in just wonderfully!

He’s still in most of his 0-3 month tops and trousers but almost all his sleepsuits and vests are now his 3-6 month ones! The same fit again as the 0-3 ones were originally, all baggy on the top but perfect on the bottom! It’s actually so sad when I find a little vest or a pair of leggings that he no longer fits in! To me, he still seems so small and I can’t imagine him ever being any smaller!

Tyler's 3 month update | Love, Maisie
If you read my post about my honest account on my first 10 weeks as a mother, you’ll know that getting out and about wasn’t as easy as it would seem. But thankfully, each time that we go out with the pram, Tyler seems to be more settled and content with watching the world go by around him! He seems really fascinated by trees, as every time we walk under some his eyes widen like there’s a whole new world above him! It’s ts cute. He much prefers when the pram is slightly upright so that he can see us rather than being laid completely flat on his back.

As Tyler is spending a lot more time awake, alert and active, he’s really starting to enjoy tummy time and laying under his play gym! We picked up one of the little Einsteins one’s from Argos and his favourite thing about it is the little mirror! Honestly, sometimes it keeps him entertained for a good hour!

If you watched our latest vlog, you’ll have seen that at 11 and a half weeks old, Tyler decided to start rolling from him front to his back! Everyday I’m still amazed at how strong he is! He’s even managed to roll from his back to his front a couple of times now too! He hated tummy time for what seemed like months but then one day all of a sudden he just lay there and pulled his head right up and stayed there for a good minute! It’s almost as if he always knew he could do it and how to do it but just didn’t bother!

What’s really exciting (for me anyway) is that Tyler is finally starting to take interest in toys and teddies! I love teddies.. probably a little bit too much for a 23 year old grown woman but what you gonna do. His hand eye co-ordination is still coming along but he really grabs, strokes and hits at things whenever I put them in front of him now! I’m not sure he has a favourite toy just yet but there is a little hedgehog that I picked up in IKEA when I was pregnant that he seems to love to stroke when he’s in the pram! Again, ts cute!

Tyler's 3 month update! | Love, Maisie
So three months have been and gone since Tyler made his grand entrance into this little life and even after writing this post, I still don’t quite believe he’s my little 3 month old baby! I can’t wait to see him grow more and more each day and I know that the next couple of months are going to be so, so exciting! I hope you’ve enjoyed this little update and I’m hoping to start doing them monthly from now on as so so much seems to happen and develop in just 30 days!

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  1. Here in Finland they suggest for the babies that are suffering reflux to place couple of books under the crib on the side where the head is. So the baby's head is a bit higher than usually. That keeps the milk down, for us that has helped a lot. Dino is not diagnosed with anything but he tends to puke some milk out if he lays on his back & his head is not higher. That also means that after every feed (exept nights, thank god) we need to keep him upright position so he won't puke all the milk out. 😀 also, for the naps – we've made a routine for napping. Dino is exactly like Tyler when it comes to taking naps, some days he might sleep 2 hours and the next 15 minutes or less and he still wakes up once a night. We are putting him to sleep on his stomach to his nest and pat his butt for a while & not for long, he's sound asleep. They say that babies aren't supposed to put sleep on their stomachs but we've done so since the beginning, only for the naps though, because that's the easiest way to get him to sleep, at least for a little while. I also try to make as much noise as possible & for some reason that makes him to sleep better 😀 babies are such weird creatures!
    Ps. Happy 3 months for Tyler! <3

  2. Aah he's grown SO MUCH! It's amazing how much he's learned in the last few weeks as I can tell Violet is a little behind, she's not lifting her head yet or grabbing at anything. She's trying though and has just started stroking different textures so I can see it's coming along, for sure! Can't wait to meet you all in the next couple of weeks, eek!


  3. Milk drunk babies are the best! Dougie never really gets milk drunk anymore, I miss it! I hope the sleep regression isn't too bad for you guys…! Tyler is absolutely gorgeous, and I feel you on the big baby – Tyler juuuuust pipped Dougie – he was 9lb4! (Ouch)
    It sounds like you're doing an amazing job, Dougie had pretty bad reflux too but it passed, even though it's really not fun! Love seeing these updates!
    Hels xx

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