Whether it’s to celebrate the end of the school year or a birthday, outdoor parties are always a fun event to hold during the summer months. Getting all the kids (and parents) out in the garden is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion and (fingers crossed), the sunny weather. There’s nothing quite like a theme to add emphasis to an outside shindig, so the following are some ideas to give you a spot of celebration inspiration.

A Tea Party / Teddy Bear’s Picnic
You don’t get more British than a traditional tea party or picnic; and when these events are geared towards your little ones, they take on a whole new level of cute. Sandwiches will play a huge role (or roll) in these type of parties, which is great news as they’re versatile, easy and cheap to make.
For a tea party, melamine tea sets (using your best crockery isn’t recommended) could be set up on small tables or at one large table with a decorative tablecloth. Kids don’t tend to appreciate real tea, so fill the pots with various soft drinks and label them with tags; in an Alice In Wonderland style. Little cupcakes, crust-less sandwiches, and fondant fancies can be placed around on plastic or paper plates, to ensure everyone can get stuck into the whole spread.
You could create the same tasty treats for a picnic; except, you can set up the food on different blankets and store plates and cutlery in picnic baskets on each. Small children will appreciate an array of different teddies, which you can sit down on the gingham to enjoy the picnic with the mini party goers. Then, go to town with your bunting and balloons; well, it is a proper summer party after all.
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A Sports Day
There’s no better way to get rid of excess sugar from cake and party treats than running around and taking part in some physical competitions. A mini sports day will ensure that party guests are never stuck for something to do, and kids and their parents can get involved in the skipping, egg and spoon, and three-legged race.
You could hand out rewards and prizes at the end of the day to the winners, or you could ensure that everyone won at something to avoid any tears. Consider making it really official and awarding medals to the little athletes; if you’re stuck as to where to get some, you can find them here.
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A BBQ And Camping
A barbecue is a simple and tasty theme to host a party around; it’s great if the kids are really small, as the moms and dads can come and enjoy the day too. You could, again, set up the kids seats on blankets and provide them with themed party plates and cups. Decorate the garden with bunting, streamers, and balloons, and get the little ones stuck into traditional games of pass the parcel and musical statues between them munching on their burgers and sausages. Have a look at The Top 10 BBQ Recipes For Kids for some inspiration.
If the kids a little older, you could hold a sleepover, and set up a tent for the night; give them plenty of torches and soft bedding, and they’ll have a whale of a time! The fun part of any garden party is that you’re all outside in the fresh air and enjoying the weather; if you keep the food simple and throw in some games and decorations, your kids will have a beautiful party that they’ll remember for years to come.



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  1. I want to have a teddy bears picnic! Can't wait till Violet is old enough to understand things like that, it'll be so much fun (I think I just want to relive my childhood to be honest!)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

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