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Babies come with a lot of kit, trust me on that one. Some of it is really faddy and others are just necessities, but today, I wanted to share my top 5 baby products with you all as I have found all of these to be so useful and well worth the investments!

Tomme Tippie Perfect Prep Machine
So, you’ve probably been scare-mongered out of buying one of these from that viral Facebook post, but please don’t be! They’re a brilliant invention and I don’t know where we’d be without it! Hashtag not sponsored! If you formula feed your baby then you have to invest in the perfect prep machine! With two simple clicks of a button, your babies bottle is made fresh and at just the right temperature too!  No need to faff about with boiling the kettle and waiting half an hour for the water to cool and then cooling your bottle even further!

There are often offers on the Perfect Prep machine across major retailers, but right now you can save a whopping £76 at Mothercare and grab it for just £49.99 right here.

Muslin Blankets and Bibs
Now, these two things might not apply to everybody, but as you may know, Tyler throws up.. a lot, so having a muslin blanket(or three) at the ready and having him wear a bib at all times means that there are far less outfit changes which in turn means far less washing.. and we all know that’s a winner. Muslin blankets are readily available both online and on the high street, I personally couldn’t justify forking out a pretty penny for a designer pack, especially when Primark sell a pack of three for just £3! As for bibs, we were lucky enough to have plenty gifted to us before Tyler made his arrival, but again, they are so readily available and you can buy them as plain or as funky as you like!

Chicco Next To Me Crib
Shortly after Tyler was born, my mum and stepdad had said that they wanted to buy something special for us. We have been so lucky since having Tyler that so many people have gifted and handed down items to us, but there was one thing that I had my eye on that I really thought would make our lives easier! The Chicco Next To Me Crib. What a brilliant little invention this is. The Chicco Next-To-Me is a co-sleeping crib that attaches to the side of your bed. One of the sides of the crib can be unzipped in order to make being closer to your baby in the night time a lot easier.

This means that when Tyler wakes up in the night and is just a bit restless, I can give him his dummy or even just place my hand in his and soothe him back to sleep. Maybe I’m making a rod for my own back with that one, but it makes life so much easier! I would highly recommend this product to everyone, especially those who are going through a long recovery post birth like I did! Or mums who are breastfeeding, I guarantee this will make your night feeds a lot easier!

For some reason, the Next 2 Me’s vary in price depending on their colour/design, so we opted for the cheapest option which was the denim look which I personally love, but if you’re not too fussed about the aesthetics of it, then I suggest going for this one too and saving yourself up to £50! Also available at Mothercare.


Mirror (With a Play Gym)
When Tyler was 8 or so weeks old, I felt as though he needed some more entertaining and sensory stimulation, so off we popped to Argos and we purchased the Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Play Gym. Now, once we got home, assembled the play gym and popped Tyler on the little mat, there was one thing that really caught his eye and that was, yup, his own reflection! This brilliant little gym came equipped with a little baby safe mirror that you can move around and the boy still loves it to this day! Whether he thinks that it is another baby or if he’s just amazed at how handsome he is, he sure is entertained by that face in the mirror for long periods of time! In fact, he’s recently started “singing” to it!

This seems to be currently out of stock but this design is very similar!

The Dummy
Most parents seem to have a love hate relationship with dummies. You often hear people telling you that their child simply couldn’t give their’s up for years, my mum included! Tyler is currently four and a half months old and is by no means dependent on it, but it certainly does come in handy quite often. Tyler likes to fight sleep, but a dummy often helps to sooth him off to cloud nine. We first discovered this when Tyler was about a week old. He was crying his little heart out and we’d tried everything else under the sun to settle him. Then I remembered I had a dummy that had come with a pack of bottles and as if by magic, he was asleep.

Most of the time, once Tyler is asleep he will spit the dummy out, especially at night time, and he is perfectly happy without it. I know they’re not for everyone but I don’t think there should be such hatred surrounding dummies. We currently use the Tommee Tippie dumies and haven’t had an issue with them thus far!

So there we have it, my top five baby products! Of course, there are lots of other items that we couldn’t possibly live without, including our electric steriliser, clothes, bottles, bath products and more, but they’re a given. What are the baby products that you couldn’t live without? I’d love to know!

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