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You all know I love a good wishlist and lately, I’ve become more and more interested in interiors. Interiors are something that I have dabbled in on my blog over the past couple of years but recently it’s like I have this whole new wave of enthusiasm for contemporary homware and I honestly wish my job was buying pieces for people’s homes! So today I am going to be sharing a wishlist with your with some of the pieces that I would love to have in my home!

First up, let’s talk chairs. We currently have a second hand wooden dinning table and chairs and it’s completely fine for us right now, but I would love something a little more updated, like these white oiled oak chairs. Light coloured wood is my favourite wood to have in a home as it is bright and goes with pretty much every other colour, in our home anyway! I also love these chairs paired with the round table as pictured above. Our current table is rectangular which again is completely fine and probably the most practical, but a round dinning table is just something you see a little less often which is why I think it would add a nice touch to your dinning room, or like us, your living room!

As for seating for little people, how adorable are these puppy chairs! If this won’t get your little one sat still then I don’t know what will! In fact, I think I’m going to order the orange version for Tyler’s bedroom! Available in three colours from Nest. They are actually in the sale so you could save yourself 15% right now!

A BEAUTIFUL CONTEMPORARY HOMEWARE WISHLIST | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com | www.nest.co.uk/furniture
As for office space, I’m always updating mine. Whether that’s a new lamp, chair or candle(yes, 100% essential!), I find that little updates every now and then really help to freshen up my work space. The single handedly best way that I have done this so far is by purchasing a new desk! Although I only bought my desk a couple of months ago, I’ve now got my eye on this Gubi Grossman desk in American walnut and black. How swish swish is this?
Now, I don’t like a desk that is too large, I find that I just get lost in the space, and I don’t particularly like working from cramped spaces, but this desk is a perfect length for me, just enough space for my computer, a couple of candles and my never ending stack of notebooks.
A BEAUTIFUL CONTEMPORARY HOMEWARE WISHLIST | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com | www.nest.co.uk
This desk is also currently in the sale at Nest and you can save yourself over £250 right here!
Something that I am always on the hunt for are storage solutions. Your storage doesn’t have to be plain or boring, there are so many ways you can creatively display your storage spaces and I’m all for that! There are a handful of things that I have my eye on at the moment, including this super fun is this Magis Paradise Tree Coat Stand. Not only is this fun and bright coloured, but it would fit perfectly at the end of my hall, cough cough hint hint Jack. Jack and I both have lots of coats and jackets and they’re currently stuffed in the cupboard in our hall, which results in me always picking up the same jacket, but if we had them on display then I know I’d get fair wear out of all of them!
A BEAUTIFUL CONTEMPORARY HOMEWARE WISHLIST | www.nest.co.uk | www.lovemaisie.com | Love, Maisie
Last but not least is this gorgeous storage chest that would make an absolutely amazing addition to any room! I would say it would be perfect for Tyler’s room, but there are some choice pictures on it. Putting that aside, this would work great in the living room for storing shoes or even your little one’s toys that often scatter the floor in the family living room! You can grab yourself one just here.
So there are some of the contempoary and gorgeous pieces that I have my eye on at the moment! Do you love homeware shopping? Where is your favourite place to hunt pieces down? I’d love to know!

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