Fast fashion has its uses. It’s fun to be able to pick up something for next to nothing, giving you the chance to indulge trends and experiment with styles that you otherwise might not. Few of us have endless amounts of cash to spend top money on every item we want, so fast fashion can also give us options for the basic clothes we wear every day but don’t want to spend a fortune on.

The downside – there always is one, isn’t there? – of fast fashion is that it doesn’t tend to wear very well. In fact, this isn’t just an issue with fast fashion. Even when you spend around the middle price bracket, you can find yourself with an outfit that looks great three times but then begins to show its age. There are few (clothes-related) things more aggravating than finding a garment that you adore, wearing it a few times, and then seeing it already begin to fade or lose its shape.
Given that style is meant to be forever, is it possible to fill your wardrobe with items that are going to stay wearable year after year? Do you have to spend a fortune to be able to wear clothes multiple times without losing their allure? Or is there some other trick to a wardrobe with longevity?
Don’t Wear Them Out
That’s “wear them out” as in “tire them out”, of course!
If you find a piece of clothing that you really love, then try and see every time you wear it as a transaction. For each usage, you’re going to be shortening its lifespan. That might not bother you much in the beginning when it’s all shiny and new, but over time, it’s best to limit the exposure of your favourite pieces for when you really want to feel good in them.
Look For Durable
Some fabrics are more durable than others. Man-made fibres are the most likely to suffer from problems like losing their shape or pilling; they’re just not designed for wearing more than a few times. These will also be the items at the lower end of the price bracket, so you don’t necessarily have to lose a lot of money – just be aware when you buy that the usage length might not be particularly long.
Buy Differently
Rather than buying lots of different outfits and styles, spread your money wisely and invest in better quality. This is also a good reason as to why you should buy vintage clothing; if it’s lasted a few decades then even the worst you can do to it should be fine!
Wash Infrequently
The idea of not washing your clothes after every wear might not be particularly exciting to you, but it will make a difference. Every wash is, again, like a transaction – you will lose quality of the item every time it’s washed. So unless an item is specifically stained and in need of a wash, give it a blast of fabric freshener and save it from the torment of the washing machine for awhile longer.

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