Date nights. Something that Jack and I used to have so often before I was pregnant, but now Tyler is here, it’s not as easy to just pop to our local for a couple of drinks, so I decided that I was going to plan some fun things that we could do at home together once Tyler had gone to bed! Another reason why I decided we needed to have some at home date nights was the fact that it saves money. No money needed for a taxi saves you at least £10 straight away!

So, without further ado, here are my top at home date night ideas!

Take it in turns to cook for each other!
Here’s something that’s super fun and super easy to do at home. Treat each other by taking it in turns to cook a meal. You could try my mushroom risotto recipe or make something new that you’ve not made before. Set the table, pop some flowers in a vase and light a candle to really set the mood. Depending on how often you’re wanting to have your date nights, you could run this every other week, alternating between the two of you who’s cooking! Of course, if little one is at home too, hopefully he/she will give you some time to be able to actually eat together at the same time!

Binge watch a series you’ve been meaning to start
If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a “to watch” list as long as your arm. I’m forever scrolling through twitter and seeing others talk about their favourite shows and all the goings on and making mental note to sit down and watch some of them. So for date night idea number two, why not have a marathon binge of that series you’ve been meaning to watch. One of mine that I still need to get round to watching is Game of Thrones. The Game of Thrones box set (season 1-6) is available from HMV.

Wine and scrap booking
Of course, the wine is optional, you can switch it out for any beverage of your choice, but why not start a scrapbook together of all your memories? Jack and I have two scrapbooks, one just for Tyler and another for all three of us, with memories from the beginning of mine and Jack’s relationship. Many things are digital now which is fantastic, but it’s so lovely to have photos printed off and placed together in a little book designed by both of you! This is something you could do once a month, update your scrapbook with everything that’s happened recently!

AT HOME DATE NIGHT IDEAS | Scrap booking | Love, Maisie |
AT HOME DATE NIGHT IDEAS | Scrapbooking | Love, Maisie |

Have a dance party!
Jack and I used to do this all the time last year! Pop spotify on and dance away! It’s as simple as that! We’ve made a couple of playlist over the last two years so we’ll often choose one of those and have a good ol’ sing as well! Again, you could do this with wine or any other drink, if your little one is being looked after for the night by someone else, then you could treat yourself to a couple of glasses!

Cocktail making night
Everyone loves a cocktail, right? I certainly do! Making your own cocktails at home is a, hella cheaper than buying them on a night out and b, super fun! You might have a cocktail making book sat on the shelf collecting dust, so get that out! If not, Pinterest is full of DIY cocktail recipes! Don’t forget to buy your cocktail umbrellas!

What are your favourite ways to have an at home date night? Also, these ideas totally aren’t limited to couples, why not try some of these with your best friend! Let me know if you do!

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