Can we move to Brighton? | Love, Maisie |

Last weekend, we packed up the car with our buckets and spades(well, actually no we didn’t, it was more formula, bottles and baby grows but hey) and headed for sunny Brighton! Well.. sunny-ish Brighton, to meet the wonderful Lyndsay of FizzyPeaches and her beautiful family! Myself and Lyndsay have been twitter messaging and whatsapping each other for almost a year now and we initially bonded over our pregnancies! Our conception and pregnancy journeys couldn’t have been more different, you can read all about Lyndsay’s IVF journey here, but we really do get on like a house on fire!

I’d never visited Brighton before so I was super excited to make the trip and to finally be able to meet Lyndsay! With two babies in the mix, we didn’t make concrete plans as such but we did pre book a “flight” on the British Airways i360 and I’m so glad that we did! To make sure we were all fully fulled for the day, we headed to Wahaca for lunch, which was also a first for me, and it was absolutely delicious! If you’re vegan like Jack and I, ask for their allergen menu, on which you’ll find the “off the menu” sweet potato burrito, nom! Of course, Tyler kept us on our toes and wanted cuddles whilst we wanted to sip on our cheeky cocktails!

Once we had finished lunch, Lyndsay and Vee were our Brightonion tour guides and we wondered down to Brighton Pavillion, at which there was some sort of children’s variety show happening and I think Jack almost had a mid-life crisis right there and then! We strolled through the pretty gardens and headed down to the sea front and of course, we all took typical tourist photos by the pier!

Can we move to Brighton?! | Love, Maisie |

Despite the overcast weather, it was so lovely to walk along the beach and breath in the fresh sea air. If you haven’t been reading my blog for long, you might not know that I spent many of my teenage and young adult years living with the sea right on my doorstep in Gibraltar, and although I always complained about the heat, I do often miss being close to the beach!

We made a quick pit-stop at around 3pm so that the babies could have some milk and of course I re-fuelled yet again on coffee, before heading to board the British Airways i360! I won’t lie, I was a little apprehensive about going up on the i360, but once we were on, it was amazing! Despite the cloudy weather, the views were amazing! Lyndsay even managed to just about point out where she lives to us! It cost us £16 each but it’s free for under 4’s so the buba’s got a free “flight“!

Can we move to Brighton!? | i360 | Love, Maisie |

Of course, we couldn’t visit Brighton without taking a cheeky trip around The Lanes! It really is such a cute part of Brighton and I already can’t wait to visit again. The narrow streets are all beautifully decorated with bunting and every window display looks like something out of the movies! Especially Choccy Woccy Doo Dah!

Another little hot spot we visited was the Photomatic photo booths where of course we spent a total of £10 together on a bunch of printed photo booth snaps! I love the retro feel of these and I can’t wait to get them framed and hung up above my desk!

Overall Tyler was pretty well behaved, if you can say that about a four month old. Apart from when we were having lunch, he quite happily sat in his pram kicking and babbling away, watching the world go by around him!

Can we move to Brighton?!? | Love, Maisie |

Despite only being in Brighton for around 6 hours, we had an amazing time and managed to see quite a lot! It was of course so wonderful to finally meet Lyndsay and co! Thanks again for looking after us! We will certainly be visiting again soon! Have you been to Brighton before? What did you think! I’d love to know!

PS: Here’s a cheeky little weekly vlog including our trip out in Brighton and a little tour of the amazing house that we stayed in in Colgate!

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