It’s the end of May already – where did the first few months of the year go to?! If like me, you can’t believe that we are almost at summer already, it might have snuck up on you! It certainly has for me, and that means my summer wardrobe isn’t quite ready just yet. On the downside, that means I’m going to be busy getting all my summer clothes ready in a short period of time. But, at least it gives me an excuse to go out shopping!

This got me thinking, though, what makes for a good summer wardrobe? I’ve thought long and hard about this, and here are my cool dressing tips for hot hot weather!
Hide Your Bra Straps
We all have one thing to look forward to over the next few months: a great sun tan! However, there is always one thing stepping in the way of creating a beautiful all over glow, and that is the straps on our bra! If you wear a sleeveless top, you run the risk of your bra straps showing, and they will leave white lines in your sun tan. One way to get around this is to wear a light summer dress. There are lots that are sleeveless but have quite chunky shoulders, which should help keep you cool and your straps covered!
Natural Materials
Whether you are looking for a new pair of shoes or a cute new T shirt, you should be looking for items that have been made from natural materials. Linen and cotton are the best for summer. There are many benefits of wearing natural materials, but one of the main ones for summer is that they will let a lot of air in so that your skin can continue to breathe no matter how hot and stuffy it may get!
Fresh Clothes Make For A Fresh Look
The only way you can keep on looking nice and fresh for the summer is to wear clean and fresh clothes. During winter, it is perfectly fine to wear an item of clothing for a couple of days on the trot. However, that isn’t the case in summer as your clothes will get a lot dirtier quicker. So, ideally, try and wash everything after just one wear. Sure, it means doing more laundry through the week, but at least you will feel fantastic every day!
Ditch The Embellishments
Some clothes may come with embellishments on them, such as jewels, beads, and plastic decorative pieces. These may look great, but they won’t prove to be that comfortable in the hot summer heat. In fact, all those embellishments could be quite heavy and weigh down the clothes. This will trap air underneath them, which could heat you up and become very uncomfortable.


Make sure you don’t become a hot mess this summer and keep in mind these great fashion tips when you are out shopping for your new summer wardrobe. Not only will you look great, but you’ll feel fresh!

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