If, like me, you ceased all workouts and general exercise whilst pregnant, then getting back your fitness levels can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be boring! I recently joined the gym in our new area and have been looking at all sorts of fun ways that I can start to get fit again!

The Gym
Now, I know what you’re thinking.. how on earth is the gym fun? There are a number of different things that you can do in the gym other than run on the treadmill(although I do personally love a good run to start me off!). For example, most gym’s offer free classes with membership, they will usually have timetables up in the gym and on their websites, so be sure to look out for those!
Another way you can make the gym fun is by going with a friend! That way you can encourage each other on those treadmill runs but of course, minimal talking about the latest episode of KUWTK because no one likes getting a stitch.
If you’re more of an outdoorsy type, then why not get out for a bike ride? Especially with this beautiful summer weather we’ve been having at the moment! Not only is it a great full body workout but it’s a fabulous way to get some fresh air and explore your local area. I loved getting on my bike as a kid and it’s something that I’m totally up for doing again now! If you have slightly older children than I do, it makes for a great family day out too. If you’re looking for new wheels, why not check out Brompton’s range of fold-able, yes fold-able, bicycles! Goodbye roof racks!
Another awesome full body workout is swimming. This is something you can also do either on your own, with a friend in a class or even with your baby! It’s a great way to get some fitness in and for your little on to learn a new skill too!
Hula Hooping
Everyone’s had a go at whirling a hula hoop around their waist once or twice, albeit it can look a bit awkward, it’s actually a great workout for your core muscles, which I know I need to strengthen up! You can buy yourself a weighted hoop to make it a bit more intense. There are even tutorial videos on YouTube if you fancy learning a trick or two!
Again, if you have older children, they might enjoy doing it with you too!
Whether you want to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape or you just want to increase your fitness levels, it doesn’t have to be boring! What are your favourite ways to work out that don’t bore you to death?!

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