With our 30 degree heat wave, it’s well and truly summer now, right? Okay, so now it’s overcast and barely 20 degrees, but still, summer is here! I love seasonal changes, especially in nature. I’ve always loved the transitional colours. What I also love is incorporating natures colours into my home. So today I wanted I wanted to share with you some summer colour inspiration for your home!


One super easy way to add a seasonal touch of colour to your home is with rugs! You can easily swap a grey or black rug out for something a bit brighter for the summer months. For our bedroom I’ll be going for a blush pink shade. It’s a super pretty colour that really brings a fresher look to any room. As for the living room, grey and yellow is a beautiful combination that actually works all year round. Teal is another great colour that works in any room, why not try it in your bathroom? All of these rugs can be found at Cox&Cox.

SUMMER COLOURS DECOR INSPO | Plants | Love, Maisie |
All year round I have plants and fresh flowers in my home, but at this time of year, you can really incorporate a lot of easy green into your home colour palette. Green is a really great fresh colour for your mind, plus lush leaves look just that, lush! You can pick up plants almost anywhere, from B&Q to gardens centers and Tesco. We currently have a tall “tree” next to our TV stand and lots of planter pots and succulents around the house. You can make them super funky too like this dinosaur one!
If you’re not up to ensuring your plants stay alive, go artificial! You can pick up artificial plants so cheap these days, you can even find them in the pound shops, bargain!
SUMMER COLOURS DECOR INSPO | Throws and Cushions | Love, Maisie |
Throws and pillows are also great changeable pieces that can be easily swapped out and stored away until next year. Again, pinks and yellows are perfect colours for summer making for a colourful and fresh look. As for adding some green, why not try some leaf print items like these leaf print cushions. They’re bang on trend this year, making them super easy to get a hold of.
If you keep your base items a neutral colour, such a grey or cream, then seasonal changes to your decor are super easy. If things like your sofa, your bed and carpets are kept to said neutral colour, it allows you to add your summer colours or autumn colour palette whenever is convenient to you. The same goes with your furniture, our coffee table, side table and tv stand are all black, meaning I can add any coloured plant pots to them and they suit straight away. 
What colours do you like to incorporate into your home in the summer months? Are you a pink lover like me? I’d love to know!

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