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Tyler is 4 months old | Love, Maisie |

It only seems like yesterday that I was writing Tyler’s 3 month update and now here I am writing his 4 month update, it’s honestly terrifying how fast time seems to be flying by at the moment!

On Friday, June 2nd(also, how are we already in June, what?!) Tyler turned 4 months old and it was also the day that we were heading off to baby clinic to have him weighed! Myself, Jack and my mum all took guesses on what weight he’d be at now. I guessed 16lb 5oz, Jack 16lb 4oz and my mum was bang on with 16lb 8oz! That means little Tyler has put on 7lb 3oz since he was born, wowzers! He’s sitting just above the 50th percentile and despite his reflux is absolutely thriving!

Tyler is still managing to sleep through the night but I feel as though just writing that is tempting fate as I keep hearing all sorts of nightmares about the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. I think I mentioned in Tyler’s last update that he was a little restless some nights but nothing that the dummy or my hand couldn’t fix, but at the moment he seems to start to get restless once the sun starts to rise rather than at random times through the night. Hopefully, our good sleeper will continue to be just that!

As for bottles, Tyler is still on 5 x 7oz bottles a day, usually over a 12 or 13 hour period, depending on what time he wakes up in the morning. We have actually just begun weaning to try and ease Tyler’s reflux and so far, the little man seems to be loving his food! He’s tried the legendary baby rice, a couple of fruit and vegetable pouch mixes and even a rusk.. which he sucked for about ten minutes before I had to take it off him as those little things get so sticky and gross! But they are super tasty, I tried one myself! (Okay I had two, shhh)

Tyler is FOUR months old | Love, Maisie |

All of Tyler’s clothes are now the 3-6 month size and every now and then I’ll find a 0-3 pair of trousers and wonder how on earth he ever fit in to them! He’s already starting to outgrow some of his vest and sleep suits and it’s really making me wish he’d stay little forever more than ever!

Another thing that’s making me want him to be a newborn forever is that he’s really trying to crawl! Whenever he’s doing tummy time, his neck and head are almost bolt upright and he grabs at the floor, grunting of course, and trying to pull himself along, before looking at me as if to say, why the heck aren’t I moving mum?! His little legs look like he’s swimming! I’m sure we’ll have a mobile baby in no time! #SCARY!

This month Tyler has discovered his feet and it is so adorable! Babies holding their feet is just the sweetest thing!(Seriously, Google it!) He is also desperately trying to sit up! He does what I can only describe as crunches, again accompanied with grunts, before getting super frustrated that he’s not yet sitting up and crying, so of course then I help him up and sit with him for a while and he looks so pleased with himself!

Getting out and about is easier than ever now that I’m building up my confidence as a muma. We often take trips out to the shops or even just for a walk around the block. Maternity leave can sometimes be really.. boring. Don’t get me wrong, I am super busy all day entertaining my great-night-sleeper-but-not-so-great-napper but singing songs, feeding him and just general mum things and life admin, can make you pick up a bit of cabin fever, but getting out for a stroll can really clear your mind and make it feel like you’ve really done something that day! We’ve also started using the sling more and I’m starting to enjoy it! It’s still a hefty work out but it feels so nice to have my little squish strapped to me.. it really makes me feel like I’m protecting him!

On the note of naps, Tyler still isn’t the best napper in the world. Last week he had a couple of days where he’d have at least one solid hour to hour and a half nap but now we’re back to ten minute cat naps and a lot of exhausted tears at bed time.. and that’s not just from the baby.

Tyler is 4 months old | MR. CUTE |

Does anybody else’s baby seem to make a new noise each day? Tyler is such a loud little lad! He’s always making some sort of strange noise, whether that be from his backside or his mouth, it’s almost always very loud.. this baby wants to be heard! Sometime’s he just shrieks! It does worry me sometimes, but the giggles that follow let me know that he’s perfectly fine and just fancied a shout!

So, four months old and he’s already got me and his dad running around like headless chickens! I am amazed by everything he does, especially those putrid smelling farts in the morning, and I am so excited to see what this next month brings! I love you Tyler.

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  1. Lovely post, I hope the weaning continues to help his reflux. What a beautiful, clever little boy you have! X

  2. He is so cute! I hope the weaning continues to help his reflux – can't be nice for him poor mite ox

  3. Lovely update post, he's absolutely gorgeous! Xx

  4. I can't believe he's 4 months already! This year is seriously flying by.

  5. lovely update 🙂 sounds like hes growing up beautifully x

  6. Thanks so much! I hope so too! I'm totally biased but he really is so bright and beautiful! x

  7. Thank you!! Yes I hope so too, poor little buba x

  8. Thank you SO much! x

  9. I know it's crazy right!? I can't believe Henry is ONE!? HOWWWW? :3 x

  10. Thank you so much! He really is!

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