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Seeing as Tyler is now interested in absolutely everything, and I mean everything, I’ve had to ditch a lot of my accessories with the fear that he’ll either break them, or hurt himself. But all is not lost as as you may know I’ve recently found a new love for minimalism, so I thought, hey, why not apply that to my jewellery collection?
So today I thought I would share with you my top tips for keeping your jewellery minimal and baby friendly but still super pretty.

My absolute top tip, is to buy yourself one good quality chain and a handful of dainty pendants. Keeping it simple with charms such as a single stone/diamond, or invest in a locket that you can add little photos to. I find this is such a great way of keeping your jewellery “collection” minimal but allows you to change things up a little every now and then. Plus, no one wants twenty chains all knotted and tangled up together do they.

A NEW FOUND LOVE FOR MINIMAL JEWELLERY | www.lovemaisie.com | Love, Maisie

I love rings. I just love them, who doesn’t? I use to wear stacker rings and quite a couple of large cheapy ones too, but they’re just not practical when you’re handling a tiny human all day every day. So I decided I would ditch the majority and just keep two that I really loved. I went with this silver ring that my mum bought for me years and years ago and one costume jewellery piece that I keep just in case Jack and I get to go out for a date night.

Now, the next thing I wanted to talk about, I wasn’t sure if I should include in this post but I feel as though it’s a multi purpose item that has helped me in my jewellery minimalism journey and that is my FitBit. Unless you’ve been living under a very large rock, you’ll know that a FitBit is basically a a fitness tracker. So you’re thinking, how has this helped me to minimalise? Well my friends, of course, it also tells the time, so no need for the dozens of cheap watches that I’ve collected over the years. Never fear about the “fitness” look of it though, as you can purchase additional straps! But of course, keeping it minimal, I’d suggest; singular, strap. You can find a wide range available on Ebay and Amazon including silver, gold and rose gold ones! Perfect for outings and special occasions.

Lastly, I want to ask you a question. How many pairs of earrings do you own? No, really, how many? I bet half of them irritate your ears and you’ve probably got more odds than pairs in your bedside table, right? Ditch the dodgy one’s and stick to your best pairs only!

Are you a jewellery lover? How do you prefer to accessorise? Are you getting on board with this minimal trend? I’d love to know!

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