When you become a new mum, your appearance takes a back seat. Who has time to worry about designers tops and perfect makeup when they have a little life in their hands? Casting such things to the side makes life easier. It frees up time in the mornings, and gives you more head space for what matters most – your little one!

But, despite your shifting priorities, it’s still important to feel beautiful sometimes. If every day is a slouchy, makeup free zone, you’ll soon start to go stir crazy. That’s why it’s worth getting a babysitter in as soon as you feel comfortable to. Taking a few hours to go out with friends, or have a romantic meal with your man, will make a huge difference to your head space. And, it’ll give you a chance to give your appearance some attention again. Here are a few beauty tips to help you make the most of your child-free time.

Dress Up
It’s time to put the tracksuit bottoms aside. This is your chance to dress up. If you can still fit into your pre-child dresses, get them out and pick one which makes you feel good. If not, use the excuse to buy a new outfit. To get yourself in the going out spirit, try a few different things. Host a fashion show for one, and spend some time in front of the mirror. The chances are that it’s been a long time since your appearance entered your thoughts. Take this time to get it back to the forefront of your mind. Something as simple as putting on a dress will have transformative qualities. Straight away, you’ll feel like your old self.

Custom Pieces Will Help You Come Into Your Own
It’s also worth stocking up on some custom pieces for the occasion. These will bring you back to yourself in a major way. They are the most personal part of an outfit. And, they’re made better because they’re exclusive. Designer dresses, or custom made jewellery will help you find a way back to your personal style. And, as it’s been awhile, you’ll need all the help you can get. Personal pieces like these will also work wonders for your mentality. When you’re a mum, you become second to your bundle of joy. Your needs are pushed aside for theirs. This is your chance to consider what you like again.

Crack Out The Makeup
Let’s be honest mum’s; none of us have time for makeup anymore. Even if we did, it would soon smudge with the strains of our days. So, we don’t bother. But, you should get your makeup bag back out for your night off. When you haven’t worn makeup for a while, you forget how good it can feel. As soon as you apply that layer of foundation, you’ll remember why you loved makeup so much in the first place. And, as you’ve been all natural for a while, any style you choose is sure to look fantastic!

*This is a collaborative post