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Honestly, where is the time going? On July 2nd, Tyler turned 5 months old! That means he’s almost half a year old and I honestly don’t believe the calendar anymore, someone must be pranking us. Apologies for getting this post up over a week late but hey, babies take up a lot of your time. Anyway, I digress.

On Friday July 7th, I had Tyler’s weigh in. For the first time ever when I arrived at clinic there were no other parents there, success! We sailed straight through to the health visitor and Tyler weighed in at 18lb 11.5oz! Holy wow, he’s a little chunky monkey isn’t he! Despite Tyler’s reflux, he’s still putting on lots of weight and is otherwise healthy. I did have a quick chat about the amount Tyler is still bringing up and the health visitor advised me to pop back to the GP for another chat so I think we will be doing so next week.
I don’t really have much to say about sleep as up to 5 months, Tyler has pretty much been the same as the last time I updated on here, but for the last week and a half it’s been a bit of a roller coaster, but I’ll save those stories for Tyler’s 6 month update.
The weaning is going well! We’re not yet ready to drop any bottles and I honestly can’t imagine Tyler ever being okay with a bottle being dropped, let alone two. If I feed Tyler some puree before his bottle, he’s literally crying out for it by the time I get him out of his bumbo seat and wipe him down. Don’t get me wrong, he is loving his food, he even opens his mouth ready for the puree and swallows it almost instantly. If anyone has any tips and tricks for progressing with weaning, let me know!
It feels like Tyler was only in size 3-6 month clothing for five minutes. At the very beginning of this month, I decided to swap out the 3-6 for the 6-9 month clothing, as all of his sleep suits and vests were getting tight in the length, so now he is officially all in 6-9 month clothing, sob! I mean, the majority of the tops and trousers are hella baggy, but they look so much more comfortable on him than the 3-6 month clothes did.
Tyler is now pretty much crawling.. okay, not really, but he is itching forward with his “grab-the-carpet-and-hope-for-the-best” crawl. He also seems to roll on to his front at every opportunity, including in his sleep! It’s become a bit of a problem as I can no longer leave him on his play mat whilst I pop to the toilet because he’ll end up rolled up and stuck against the coffee table, little rascal. I’m pretty confident that this time next month we’ll have a crawler. He surprises me everyday with his strength, especially the strength he has in his neck! I think he’s definitely built to play rugby, Jack will be pleased.
TYLER IS 5 MONTHS OLD | www.lovemaisie.com | Love, Maisie
On the note of strength, Tyler is now sort of sitting up unaided. He will sit with his legs out in front of him with his hands on the floor and hold himself there for a good while. He will eventually tumble and fall to the right or left when he tries to see what’s going on around him, but we’ll get there! He seems really proud of himself when does manage to hold himself in the position for even a short while, yay buba!
Last month I mentioned that Tyler had discovered his feet and now he’s utterly obsessed, they’re his new favourite toy, he’s even managed to get them in his mouth a couple of times, gross! Thankfully, he’s not yet grabbing for his “winkle”, thankfully!
Tyler’s teething is definitely in full swing. He’s the king dribbler and when he bites down on my finger(or my arm.. or my shoulder.. or my face) it bloody hurts! His gums have become really hard and he often has fits of crying where nothing seems to comfort him. Although, he does seem to like his cold water teethers. We have three now, one from Mothercare, another from Poundland and the third is a set of keys from Nuby.
Two rather random little facts here but a) Tyler seems to adore being outside rather than being inside. The three of us went for a walk a couple of weeks ago and the entire hour and a half that he was in the sling with Jack he was coo-ing at eveything and just super content, and b) the boy loves looking at photos and videos of himself! He’s fascinated and I really do wonder what on earth goes on in his little mind when he sees them!
So there we have it, our little newborn baby isn’t so much of a newborn baby at all now! Can you believe he’ll be 6 months old soon? I certainly can’t!
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