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Busy. A word that within my day to day life is used extremely frequently. Even before I had Tyler, I was always busy with something. Work, projects, blog things, always busy. Now that I have Tyler, all of those things still make my life busy but on top of that, I’m busy 24/7 looking after a small human.

When I was in my late teens, I used to have my nails done with acrylics and shellac on a fortnightly basis. After a year or so, I stopped because a) I didn’t have the time and b) I didn’t have the money. For the last three years or so I have dabbled in and our of painting my nails, using falsies and even attempting to do acrylics myself. But, like I said, since having Tyler my life has been even more busy than it ever was before and money even tighter. But this is where I stop moaning about my busy life and tell you about my new favourite way to do my nails.

Up until recently, I had never tried press on nails that had their own adhesive already attached to the nail, I was more of a fan of the nails with nail glue. I would always buy the plain ones and paint them myself as I never seemed to find a pack that were a colour that I liked. Of course, with a baby, having wet nails isn’t ideal and it’s pretty much impossible not to smudge them.

Impress Gel Nails are my new favourite thing in the entire world. When I was first contacted about these nails, I was originally intending on trying them out and including them within a post but I loved them so much they deserved their very own dedicated post. With Impress Gel Nails, you can have beautiful, natural looking nails in ten minutes, TEN MINUTES. I must admit, I was very sceptical of these nails before I tried them out, but since using them I can confirm that they are super easy to apply, last a fair few amount of days and do not damage your natural nails when you remove them.

THE PERFECT NAILS FOR BUSY BEES | Love, Maisie | Impress Gel Nails |

Impress Gel Nails have a self adhesive already attached to the nail, which means all you have to do is “prep” your nails with the enclosed nail wipe, decided which sizes you’d like to use, peel back the protective plastic and press onto your natural nail. It really is as easy as it sounds and only takes around ten minutes in total! You must press down on each nail firmly to ensure that it sticks down and you are advised to avoid water for one hour after, so it’s probably ideal to wash your hands before you start.

With no drying time as these nails come in an array of colours that I really like, this means that I can use the impress nails whilst Tyler is having a quick nap, or even if he is awake but happily playing on his own. Ten minutes is no time and I promise that even in your busy schedule you’ll be able to find those spare ten to have your nails look gorgeous.

The nails are pretty sturdy, being thinner at the cuticle and thicker towards the end, but are also quite flexible when it comes to removing them and the best part about removal is that it doesn’t rip of any layers of your natural nail! I did think this was a fluke the first time but second time round they kept my natural nails in perfect condition again.

The two packs that I have tried are Power Up A gorgeous deep red set with gold glitter accent nails and Flash Mob which comes with a mix of white nails, nail art with “Love” written on them and silver glitter nails. I personally preferred the red pack but they’re both gorgeous. There are also some other colour packs available at Superdrug which you can check out here. All packs are £7.99 and come with 24 nails.


So, if you’re looking for hassle free fake nails that look as effortless as they are to apply, then these Impress Gel Nails are for you. Whether you’re a busy mumma or just a busy bee in general, you can’t tell me that you don’t have ten minutes once a week to apply these! Have you tried these out before? What are your favourite false nails?

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