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It honestly feels like yesterday that I was writing Tyler’s 5 month update. Okay, so the 5 month update was a week late and this months update is bang on time, but still, how has another month passed us by? If you didn’t catch Tyler’s 5 month update, you can do so right here.

I’m a bad mummy this month as I have no idea how much Tyler weighs! The weighing clinic have changed their days so I got into a bit of a muddle and here I am writing this post with no weight update! I’m going to guess he’s passed the 20lb mark now!(I’ll update this post with his weight once we get it done!)

Let’s talk about reflux. Tyler is still struggling on with his, bless him, but some days are better than others and that’s a real improvement, as for the first 4-5 months of his life he was being sick copious amounts after every feed.. and the only thing I like using the word “copious” for is the amount of wine I wish to drink. I mentioned last time that I was going to go back to the GP to see if we could re assess Tyler but July was such a busy month I honestly just didn’t get around to it.

We’re now taking the weaning a bit more seriously and trying to have 3 “meals” a day. By this I mean baby rice with some fruit puree for breakfast, some leftover puree and finger foods for lunch and some veggie puree for dinner.. amongst his usual 7oz bottles of course. I’m hoping to incorporate more BLW as we go along, but at the moment, puree’s as a base are working really well for us.

Tyler is still in size 6-9 month clothes but I don’t think it will be long before we’re cracking out his 9-12 month wardrobe, which has just quadrupled in size thanks to some absolutely gorgeous hand-me-down’s from Irene, hi Irene! It is honestly so insane looking at the 0-3 month clothes next to Tyler now. I know he is going to be growing for a long time still but it does break my little heart a bit that he will never be able to fit back into that first little baby grow he wore in the hospital, sob.

TYLER IS 6 MONTHS OLD | Tyler's 6 month update | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

As for crawling, my little man is almost there! He’s just started bringing his weight up onto his knees and rocking.. and actually this sometimes shifts him backwards rather than forwards but hey ho it’s a learning curve. He’s desperate to be on the move for real though and he’s taken a liking to spinning around on his stomach, crazy bean. If I thought that it was tough to leave him in a room alone for two seconds before, it’s actually impossible now. He might not be moving around in any conventional way but he’s still moving!

Tyler’s new party tricks are waving(yes, he’s 6 months old and actually waving at people when they wave at him or say hello or bye bye! Insane!) and saying “MA-MAM-MAM-MA-MAM.” So, he’s not calling out to me in context, he’s not that advanced, but he does have the pronunciation down, well done kiddo. I’m so glad that the hours of staring at Tyler and mouthing “Ma-ma” to him like a pensioner that had lost her teeth has paid off!

Sitting up is Tyler’s new favourite past time. He’s become really strong in his core all of a sudden and it’s so cute to watch his little face light up when he’s sitting up and has a wobble but manages to catch himself and not fly backwards. Of course, there are still moments where he will fall right on his back but he doesn’t seem phased, if anything it makes him more eager to nail this sitting up business even more.

Sleep hasn’t been the best this past month. At the beginning of last month Tyler decided that he would no longer sleep through the night, but that he would wake several times and for two days, scream and scream and scream until he had a full 7oz bottle at 1.30am. We dropped night feeds when Tyler was around 7 weeks old so that was a real big shock to the system. Thankfully, he didn’t demand any more bottles throughout the month.. just lots of cuddles at ungodly hours and sneaking into our bed. I’m hoping that whatever stage of sleep regression this is that it will be on it’s way very soon.

I mentioned that we’d had a busy month, Tyler attended his first Christening(his cousins), Jack and I went to a wedding and Tyler had his first taste of the park! He laughed and laughed on the swings but wasn’t too keen on the roundabout. We also had lots of crying fits before bedtime(mostly from Tyler but sometimes from us too..), which are not fun. Jack and I drank approximately 112 cups of coffee between us and Tyler about 155 bottles of milk. Told ya it was a busy one.

I just still can’t believe that our little newborn baby is now half a year old. It’s both terrifying and incredibly exciting. Until next time.

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