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If you’ve followed our journey as a family of three, then you might know that Tyler has suffered with reflux since birth and one of the ways in which we decided to attempt to combat that was by early weaning. I know this is frowned upon by some, but we spoke with both our health visitor and GP and decided that starting weaning from 4 months was what was right for us.

Tyler is now almost 8 months old, so you’d think after almost 4 months of weaning we’ve had nailed it, right? Wrong. Weaning has been tough. I knew it wasn’t going to be as easy as giving him his bottle, but I didn’t anticipate we’d hit so many hurdles and feel so much frustration. So today, I wanted to share with you 5 things that I wish I had known before we started weaning. If you’ve stumbled upon this post and you’re yet to start weaning, a, good luck and b, I hope this gives you some useful pre weaning ammunition!

Don’t make a 40 day batch of baby food before your little one has actually tried it
Yup, mum fail on my part here. I made a pretty intense recipe from one of my baby cook books which made about 10 portions and obviously, Tyler hated it and point blank refused to eat it. So my top piece of advice in this entire post, would be to make things in small batches initially so that you can see which tastes and flavours your baby likes, otherwise you’re going to end up with a freezer full of mushy food that no one in your house is going to want to eat.

Your baby might not like all the flavours in a particular range
Recently we were very kindly sent some baby food jars from HippOrganic to try out. I was really excited as Tyler had previously tried their vegetable medley and apple and pear pudding jars and he scoffed them down. Tyler wasn’t as impressed this time round. I was naively under the impression that he would love the mashed potatoe and vegetable and cous cous jars as much as he had loved the other HippOrganic jars but sadly, this wasn’t the case. So my advice here is not to stray away from a particular brand of baby food if one or two of their flavours aren’t as much of a hit.

It’s not going to be a tidy process
Okay, so I knew weaning was going to be messy, but I really did not think it would be this messy. If you have carpets, protect them. If your baby is wearing their brand new white jumper, change them (or cover them with a sleeved bib). If you can, I actually suggest feeding your baby just in their nappy, because a baby wipe works much better on a baby than it does on cotton. As for yourself, I’m beginning to think it may be wise to invest in goggles and overalls.. just to be on the safe side. (How did it get on his forehead? I have no idea.. but it still happens to this day!)

5 THINGS I WISH I'D KNOWN BEFORE I STARTED WEANING | Tyler | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

Start with vegetable flavours over fruit flavours
Honestly when I started weaning Tyler, I hit up Pinterest for ideas and made a few bits and bobs and basically bought one of every pouch that they had available in my local Aldi. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of first baby purees are quite sweet and heavily made up of fruit, but you might be better off trying to stick with the heavier based vegetable flavours as you might just find that your little one will start to turn their nose up to flavours that aren’t all that sweet. Thankfully, Tyler does seem to like his vegetables(peas, carrots and sweet potato to name a few) but he certainly does favour his bananas, blueberries and strawberries!

You’re not going to kill anyone if you go slightly off your “schedule”
I am a woman of plans. If I don’t have a plan then I might as well not bother. My brain just works better when it knows what the plan is and my anxiety is more dormant when a plan has been set in place. So of course, when we started weaning I created a military regime and went into meltdown mode whenever we were slightly off it. Admittedly, I am still struggling if we fall out of line with the schedule, but babies don’t have a schedule so why do we insist of forcing one on them? If Tyler is asleep when he is “supposed” to be having lunch, hell yeah I’m leaving him to sleep. He can have his lunch when he wakes up! If he was hungry, he’d let me know(I know babies can’t talk, obviously, but he can roar.)

I hope you’ve found some of these little insights useful! Have you started weaning? How are you finding it?

5 THINGS I WISH I'D KNOWN BEFORE I STARTED WEANING | PIN ME | www.lovemaisie.com | Love, Maisie

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