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When I was pregnant with Tyler, I was constantly researching different baby products and gadgets to see which were the best things to buy for our fresh, perfect little newborn. One thing that was high on my list of priorities was a baby rocker. There are a lot out there so it can be really overwhelming trying to decide which one to go for.
After deciding that we couldn’t afford to spend £200 on a baby rocker that did almost everything(bar make a cup of coffee, if only) we opted for a small but sturdy bouncer that we managed to pick up in a sale. Of course, all babies grow out of things, bouncers included, so when Tyler was around 6 months old, he hit the weight limit for his bouncer and suddenly I had no where to put him down without the fear that he’d end up with cables, shoes and all sorts in his mouth. Que panic.

But that was when, as if by magic, we were contacted by Fisher Price to ask if we’d like to review their new Infant-To-Toddler rocker which is suitable from birth up to 40lb(18kg)! Tyler’s a big boy but he’s no where near that 40lb mark just yet so I knew that it’d be something that a) we would be using for a long time and b) that I totally would have invested in from the start of Tyler’s life anyway.

I’m sure that I was the one that was most excited when our package arrived, but none the less, I soon cracked out my electric screwdriver and began to start the assembly! I’m no DIY Queen, I really wish I was, but I found the assembly super duper easy which was a bonus because Jack, who normally does our DIY, was at work.

The baby rocker that you need for your little one | infant-to-toddler rocker | Fisher-Price |

A couple of screws and a cup of coffee later, we were all set up and ready to go! As you can see, the rocker is bright in colours, which I absolutely love for baby items (if you can’t be garish when you havce a child then when can you be?) and the seat itself looks and feels really comfortable and is made of a high quality, soft material. The rocker has calming vibrations that are to aid in soothing and relaxing your little one. Tyler loves to be moved or rocked so I found that he really likes this feature.

The lion and the toucan on the toy bar are super bright in colour and they help to improve and strengthen gross motor skills and Tyler loves playing with them.. well, of course, Tyler being Tyler, playing means hitting and pulling of course. The toy bar is removable so once your little one is older, you can remove it to turn your rocker into a toddler chair, pretty neat huh?

Another great feature that we didn’t have on our previous baby bouncer is a fold out kick stand that transforms your rocker into a stationary seat. I actually used this stand this morning so that Tyler could feed himself his bottle without being jiggled about everywhere, bless him. The back also reclines into two comfortable positions, which is ideal for those with a newborn as you can adjust it to be more reclined and as they get older and can support themselves more you can change the recline to the higher setting.

The Fisher-Price Rocker has become my new favourite item that we have for Tyler and a life saver too! As I mentioned in this post, Tyler is well and truly on the move, so to have something that I can pop him in whilst I do the dishes or do the hoovering is just amazing! I really do wish we had discovered this when Tyler was a newborn. I know that the man himself doesn’t look too impressed, but I’m sure he knows that when I bring the camera out and want to take a photo of him and that cheesy grin of his he acts like he’s never smiled in his life!

The next time someone asks me what product would I recommend as a must have for their new arrival, I’ll definitely be sending them the link to this rocker. You can grab yourself one of these Fisher Price infant-to-toddler rockers now for £59.99! For something that is going to last you potentially until your little one is four years old(or up to 40lb), I personally think that this is excellent value for money.

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  1. This is really similar to the one we had and Amelia loved it!

    It helped so much if I needed to go to the loo or go make a cup of tea and know I could just take 10 minutes break and she was happy as larry in hers watching Peppa pig haha


  2. This one thing we desperately need to get, although my sister does keep on about one so we'll see. If not then this one looks so fab xx

  3. How much fun! It's so bright and colourful. We had a fold away Fisher Price rocker and it was brilliant. I think getting a good bouncer is so important. After getting our one I actually got to drink a hot cup of tea!

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