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I’m pretty sure that most of us have had a negative experience with regards to changing your babies nappy in public facilities, but there are also some really fantastic baby changing facilities around. For example, my worst experience was getting to a location, finally finding the bathrooms and discovering that it was a tiny box room with no where but the floor to change my baby. Of course, I didn’t use the floor, so I had to leave and find an alternative place to change my baby.
But then on the other hand, I have visited some superb outlets that have provided a clean, comfortable and spacious area to see to my baby’s needs.

Recently I was contacted to “go undercover” and take part in a really exciting campaign about the baby changing facilities in my area. Yes, I went undercover, how cool is that? By this, I mean that myself and nine other mums and dads across the country ventured off to 2 different locations to secretly film their facilities and rate them. I headed to one location that has great facilities, that we frequently use when we go into town and then to another baby changing room that wasn’t as good and could do with a bit of improvement.

Direct365 have launched this campaign with some really funny but insightful videos(which you can watch here, I dare you not to have a giggle, this is my favourite one!) highlighting the importance of safety, hygiene and and comfort in baby changing facilities.

I have documented this in a video so that you can actually see what the baby changing rooms looked like and what I thought of each of them against a set of important questions that I truly believe all facilities should check against which you watch below.

I’d love to know your thoughts on some of your local baby changing facilities? Do you rate them or do you think there is room for improvement?

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