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Seeing as autumn is everyone’s favourite season(don’t tell me it’s not) it’s no surprise that “the autumn tag” has become super popular this year in the blogosphere. A few of my lovely blogging pals have tagged me in this tag so without further ado, here we go!

The lovely ladies that tagged me are Caitylis, Rachael, Eileen, Amy, Gee and Rachel

What is your favourite autumnal lip colour?
Well, it’s got to be Ultra Violet by Elizabeth Arden. It’s a gorgeous bold purpley tone(I’m not the best at describing colours.. or scents for that matter) and it seems to go with absolutely everything. A noteable mention to Rimmel 107 too of course.

What is your favourite autumnal nail colour?
To be honest, I’ve not painted my nails in months! I do love it when my nails are done but with a small child that doesn’t nap, it’s not something I can really do at the moment. I do love reds all year round but wine and berry reds are perfect for this time of year.

Favourite autumn drink?
You can’t go wrong with a cinnamon or gingerbread soya latte from Costa! I know gingerbread is more Christmas than autumn but it’s my go to! Plus, I’ve never tried the infamous “pumpkin spice” am I missing out?

Favourite autumn candle?
Up until recently it was pretty much anything musky, but I’ve recently discovered a candle from Home Bargains called “Halloween” which smells like sweeties and oranges. It’s only £2.99 and it’s huge, you need to go and find one!

Favourite autumn accessory?
My tartan scarf! I picked it up in Primark a couple of years ago and as soon as the weather starts to get a bit chilly it’s the first thing I reach for from the back of my wardrobe.

Haunted house or scary maze?
A haunted house.. but only if I can take Jack haha, he doesn’t believe in ghosts and I feel safe when I’m with him(vom) so I’d be fine ha!

Favourite Halloween movie?
So the debate continues.. is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween film, a Christmas film, or both? Let’s think about that one shall we.

Favourite Halloween sweets?
I’m vegan so I can’t eat most sweets!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
I used to love dressing up for Halloween and I think last year was the first year in ages that I didn’t! This year, Tyler already has two outfits, so I need to think up something for myself now.. I’m hoping that “exhausted mother” is acceptable!

What’s your favourite thing about autumn?
Honestly, everything! The colours are all so beautiful, both in nature and in fashion. I actually have a post coming up soon about reasons why I love styling in autumn, so I guess fashion and style is my favourite thing about this time of year.

I tag:
Kendel – LittleMisadventures
And anyone else who’d like to do this tag also! Until next time pals.

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