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You might remember a little while I ago I shared this post which featured a beautiful print by the very talented LizJOwen. Not only does the lovely Lizzie have a selection of gorgeous prints available on her Etsy store, but she also has 5 beautifully illustrated notebooks.

When Lizzie reached out to me and said that she’d like me to take a look at her notebooks, I fell in love instantly and couldn’t wait to share them with you guys. I’m going to jump straight in and show you the notebook that I was very kindly gifted.

ALWAYS BE YOURSELF Unless you can be a unicorn | | Love, Maisie
The cutest notebook I ever did see! Love, Maisie

Well, if this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, then what’s wrong with you? Jokes aside, the quality of the design on the front of this notebook is beautiful and it costs less than £5! I really do admire Lizzie’s work, so it’s not surprise that I adore this unicorn design. Plus, it’s great advice right?

Pink is my favourite colour and I’m always snatching up cute notebooks and stationary and if they’re pink then it’s a bonus because I know it’ll fit my desk “aesthetic.” I have a variety of notebooks for different things/projects and I’ve decided that I’m going to use my new notebook for creative writing! I mentioned a couple of posts back that I was getting back into creative writing for myself, so thank you Lizzie for giving me some inspiration!

I was going to pop together a wishlist of my favourite notebooks that are available from Lizzie’s Etsy, but I couldn’t pick between them, so I thought I’d just show you all of them!

If you’re on the hunt for a new notebook(or a print for that matter) or maybe you’re after a gift for someone, then I highly suggest checking out the LizJOwen Etsy, I promise you won’t be disappointed! Starting at just £3.56, they’re a real bargain too, you can’t go wrong.

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