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No, you’re crying! EIGHT MONTHS. How. How did this happen!? Just one more month and Tyler will have been out in the world for as long as he was in my tummy! I’ve just gone all tingly writing that. Anyway, howdy, how has your month been? Tyler is now a fully fledged crawling, babbling, thriving eight month old and I just don’t believe it! If you missed it, you can read Tyler’s 7 month update here.

I have some bad mum news again.. I still haven’t had Tyler weighed! I will do this Friday though, I promise myself ha! Place your bets now ladies and gentlemen.

Tyler’s reflux has really settled and is one million times better than it was thanks to the anti-reflux milk. There have now even been a couple of days where he hasn’t been sick at all. Most days there are one or two little “dribbly” bits of sick which is just amazing in comparison! I honestly can’t tell you how happy I am that my little man is no longer spending his day constantly vomiting!

I’m not sure if this is related to the reflux or not but Tyler seems to have a lot of hiccups at the moment, if anyone else has a baby with reflux, did they seem to have an increase of hiccups once they were on anti-reflux milk? I’d be interested to know if you’ve experienced this!

Last month I shared a post about 5 things that I wish I had known about weaning and it went down super well! With regards to weaning, Tyler is still doing super well with it. We’re slowly but surely getting into more textured purees and we recently discovered that Tyler loves grapes!(cut in half of course). He doesn’t seem to be too fond of anything that’s heavily tomato based, which is odd because I have ketchup or tomatoes with pretty much every meal.. ha! We’ve also discovered the wonders of baby rice cakes and I say we because I may or may not have eaten half a pack of the Aldi Mamia apple rice cakes last week, just saying.

I need to get my arse into gear and sort out Tyler’s 9-12 month wardrobe as some of his his 6-9 month tops and vest are beginning to get a little tight. There still seems to be a lot of room in his trousers but not a lot of length, he’s a tall boy!

Last month I spoke about Tyler’s crawling abilities, well he’s now fully blown crawling, argh! He loves to give me mini heart attacks and silently crawl off into the bathroom. Although, most of the time he likes to shout and “sing” whilst he’s on the move. Ah yes, singing! I’m not saying we’ve got a child prodigy on our hands but the boy has tone.. well, as much tone as an 8 month old can have I suppose. I’ve not lost the plot I swear.

Another terrifying thing that our little munchkin now does is pull himself up to standing. HOW. I’ve never known a baby to have so much strength, it’s actually insane. Currently his favourite things to pull himself up on are the corner of the coffee table, our glass tv stand and our clothes horse. No, you’re sweating.

The last of the new skills for this month is aided walking.. sort of. Tyler has always loved being held up right and has held his weight for months and months now, but very recently he has started to take Bambi like steps if you hold his hands and it’s so adorable to watch! Sometimes he even goes backwards which is even more adorable. I’m calling it now that he’ll be taking his first steps very close to Christmas.

We still have no teeth cutting through! I’m pretty sure that I can see 6 under the gums now(four at the bottom and two at the top, eek) but nothing is actually coming through just yet, despite the insane amount of dribble and hours spent chewing on everything and anything. I’m almost certain that teething has made Tyler very clingy, especially to me. To the point where there have been many nights in the last 4 weeks or so that he’s slept in our bed.

Speaking of sleep, Tyler has been all over the place this month. The poor soul had a terrible cold about two weeks ago which meant we had two nights with night feeds(which he dropped around 6 weeks old) and lots of calpol, cuddles and coffee(for me not Tyler, obviously). I think above all, Tyler was just frustrated because he was so bunged up and so whenever he tried to eat or drink he’d have to stop every couple of seconds to be able to breath properly. This also meant that he couldn’t have his dummy at night for a couple of days which he was not happy about in the slightest.

Thankfully.. the last week Tyler has slept a little better and had some longer stretches alone in his cot, let’s just hope it stays that way!(Who am I trying to kid? We all know it won’t!)

Two cute things to mention this month, firstly Tyler’s eyes! They’ve been blue since he was born and I’m 99% sure that they will stay that way as Jack and I both have blue eyes, but over the last month they seem to have gotten so much bigger and bluer! I just know he’s going to have his daddy’s eyes. Cuteness number two is that Tyler will reach out to me when I bend down to pick him up, which is adorable! I mean, most of the time he’s crying and looking at me as if I’m the worlds worst human being but as soon as he sees that I’m coming down to give him a cuddle, he reaches out and eeeeek, my heart ^_^!

Way back when Tyler was just 10 days old, we travelled three hours to see some of my family as it was my Nana’s 80th birthday, so Tyler has already had the pleasure of meeting his great grandparents, but last week my mum, Tyler and I decided to pay them a now overdue visit! They were so besotted with him and it was honestly so heart warming to see my grandparents with him again. I am very lucky to have my grandparents and Tyler is extremely lucky to have great grandparents and I will never take that for granted.

We hope you’ve all had a great month and we will see you in a couple of weeks for Tyler’s 9 month update, NO, YOU’RE CRYING.

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  1. I loved your weaning post! I can't believe he's 8 months! He's such a little sweetie xx

  2. How on earth is Tyler eight months old already 🙁 Where on earth have our babies gone????

  3. This is so cute! And your little boy is adorable! I always meant to do a monthly round up for my son but it goes far to fast to keep track! He also had reflux very badly for the first 9 months, we weaned him at 4 months onto food and he now actually has milk on a night and with most his food! I haven't found a single thing he doesn't like yet!

  4. Glad his reflux is better. He looks so happyand healthy! Congratulations on 8 months. Time really does fly.

  5. aw happy 8 months! it wont be long before youll be posting about birthdays!! x

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