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Dear Tyler,

Your due date was January 25th 2017 but, just like your mother, you’re stubborn and you weren’t born until February 2nd 2017. You were born at 41 weeks + 1 day. As of November 17th, you have been on this earth for as long as your were in my tummy, how crazy is that? The first photo is what I looked like on day 285 of my pregnancy, 3 days before you were born and next to it is a photo of you at 283 days old, taken on Sunday 12th November.
Time seems to get faster as each day passes. I still remember seeing your little face for the first time. All scrunched up, pale, bloody, but still all I could think was how beautiful you were. 9 months on and I still think that you are the most beautiful little human being that ever lived. I know I am biased as I am your mother and you will always be this perfect, handsome little human that I created, but you really are a looker baby boy.

Each night, once I have managed to settle you for bed and climbed into bed myself, I lay there thinking about you. I may moan that my days are busy and tiresome as a mama, but I don’t half miss your smiley(or sometimes crying) little face once you’ve gone to sleep.
One day, you will no longer need me to rock you to sleep, or to hold your hand in the middle of the night. One day you will be all grown up and independent and I can’t even begin to tell you how terrifying the thought of that is. I mean, it will be nice to have a full nights sleep in my bed without you in it, but I’ll miss you. I’ll miss the cuddles and the way you grab at my mouth in your sleep. I’ll miss the way you look at me and throw your arms up, as if if you concentrate hard enough you’ll float up to me.
Dear Tyler | Love, Maisie |
Sometimes I worry about the world that we brought you into. Sadly, there seems to be so much negativity, hate and horrible things going on on a daily basis. I am writing this as a promise to you to always try my very hardest to protect you from all of those things. I pray that by the time you are old enough to read this, you will have to ask me what I’m going on about here, but sadly, I’m almost certain that this world will never be without evil.
I won’t end this little entry on a low, so let’s talk about some of the amazing things I love about you. I love that at just 9 months old, you already have such a strong little personality. You’re stubborn, again just like me and you know what you want and when you want it. I love that you smile at me and stare in amazement when I sing to you.. I’m sure that will wear off soon and you’ll be joining your dad in blocking your ears with your palms. I love the way that your eyes light up when you hear your dad coming in the front door from work. I love the way you chuckle when you laugh, like really chuckle.
Dear TJ | Love, Maisie |
Just know, that even when you’re taller than me, you will still be my little baby boy and I will always love you.
Love, Mama x

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