As Christmas approaches, those of us with children, especially young ones start to get ridiculously excited. Much more excited in fact, than the children themselves who are probably still a little young to understand. But, while we look forward to the activities and events, the decorations and food, and of course the gifts, one thing that can worry us, is keeping our toddlers and babies safe when there are so many new hazards around the home.

As young babies, they are relatively safe from harm, as they can’t get around on their own. As children, they love looking at and even touching the bright, shiny decorations, but know enough to keep themselves safe. But, there is perhaps a year or two in the middle, where our children are drawn like magnets to anything that sparkles and shines, but unaware of the risks lights, trees, and breakable decorations can bring. You’ve got a lot to think about over the festive season. From debt consolidation to free up some cash flow to wrapping a mountain of gifts, the last thing you need is an injured child. Let’s take a look at ways you can make your home a festive dream while keeping your toddler safe.


Find a Safe Space
The tree itself tends to be the biggest toddler magnet and the most prominent danger. Try to find a safe space, out of reach, where they can easily look at the tree, but can’t pull it. Or, you’ll spend a month constantly trying to herd them away from it. On a table, or deep window ledge can be perfect.


Think Soft
Baubles and other hard decorations are appealing but dangerous. For the toddler years think about replacing any decorations that they can reach with soft options. You could even add a large felt tree to a wall, and some Velcro felt decorations that they can stick on and play with.


Avoid Lights

If they can reach the tree, you may want to avoid lights and tinsel for the next few years as they can cause a strangulation risk. A pre-lit tree, without wires, can be a great alternative.

Let Them Help

You want to keep them safe, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t include them. Spend some time making some Christmas decorations and painting festive pictures together.

Have an Area They Can Touch
A felt tree on the wall is a great start, but you could add to this by creating a sensory, safe Christmas corner. Add soft decorations, Christmas themed toys and books and plenty of stuffed toys and animals as well as something to play Christmas songs on. Let this be an area where they can safely emerge themselves in the Christmas spirit, and they’ll be less likely to go after things that could harm them.


Crawl Around
The best way to check to make sure that your child is safe is getting down on your hands and knees and crawling around yourself. Then, you’ll know exactly what they can reach and what they could hurt themselves on.


Christmas can be a wonderful time, and those first few Christmases with kids are nothing short of magical. Just take your time to think about safety, and it will be perfect.

*This is a collaborative post