We all have things about our body that we try and change. For many of us, excess fat is a royal pain in the backside. It’s disappointing when you’re sticking to a work out regime and eating all the right things, only to find that there are certain parts of your body fat that just wont budge.
All is not lost though, as there is a brand new treatment available in London called fat-freezing! You’re probably thinking, fat-freezing? What on earth is that? Well, it’s exactly that, freezing the fat away. This new, FDA approved method is called CoolSculpting and is now available at the Pulse Light Clinic in London(Bank Street & Oxford Street)

CoolSculpting uses the fat freezing technology of Cryolipolysis. Fat-freezing is an effective method of eliminating fat cells without the need for surgery or needles and with no harm done to surrounding tissue and skin.

For the process of the treatment itself, the CoolScuplting pack is position onto the area of fat that you are wanting to be treated and left there for one hour. It really is as simple as that, meaning that in that hour you can relax or even get some work done! So how does it work? Whilst the CoolSculpting pack is position, it is freezing the fat which causes the fat cells to die. Your body will then naturally flush out the dead cells meaning they are removed not just from the targeted area but from your entire body, pretty neat huh?

There are a number of areas that fat-freezing is available for including: under the chin, inner and outer thigh, underneath the buttocks, bra fat, your abdomen and flank. As this process is non-surgical there is no recovery time so you can resume your normal activities when you leave the clinic!

To find out more and book your FREE consultation you can contact The Pulse Light Clinic by clicking here.

*This is a collaborative post.

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