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I have always loved being creative with my hair but since having Tyler, I’ve not had as much time on my hands. Okay so maybe that’s an understatement, I sometimes don’t even have time to shower let alone do my hair! So today I wanted to share my top hair hacks for all you busy mama’s out there!

Dry shampoo is your best friend
Washing and drying my hair has always been the biggest and most irritating chore. Sure, I love having silky soft clean hair but the time it takes to blow dry it is ridiculous. There are so many different brands to chose from now with more budget/own brands available too. If you’ve not yet tried dry shampoo then I highly suggest that you do.

If you don’t own any headbands, now is the time
You remember that “wear a hat and no one will know” trick? Well, the same goes for a headband or any other form of large hair accessory. I used to wear bandanna style headbands a lot as a teenager and I do sometimes feel a bit silly wearing them as a grown woman but you know what? Throwing my hair into the infamous mum bun and rocking my bandanna headband makes me feel kinda badass.. mostly. Plus, the greasy roots are hidden and no on one would even know!

Don’t wash your hair

Okay, now that I have your attention, yes, you do still need to wash your hair BUT you don’t need to wash your hair as often. You can “train” your hair into not getting as greasy by spacing our the days you wash your hair. I used to wash my hair so frequently that I found that it was thin and falling out every time I touched it which really knocked my confidence and even caused me to start researching into a hair transplant! I now thankfully have have healthier, thicker hair, but this means that washing it is a chore and so over the last couple of years, I’ve managed to space out my hair washes so far that I couldn’t even tell you if it was this week or last week that I washed my hair.. and it still looks fresh! So I’ve saved time with less frequent washes and made my hair healthier, double win!

Find out what hair style works best for your hair
I could just tell you to go to your hairdresser and ask her to chop it into a bob so that you don’t need to style your hair in the mornings and can just wake up and go, but if you have super thick or curly hair, a bob is going to require daily styling and that’s exactly kind of thing you want to avoid when you have less than 5 minutes to get ready in the morning. Hair dressers are professionals and can give you professional advice on what hair style will require the least amount of style depending on your hair type. Thank me later.

What are your top hair hacks for when you have no time on your hands? I’d love to know what you would have added to the list! Don’t forget to pin this post for later!

Hair hacks for busy mamas | PIN ME | Hair tips | Quick hair hacks | Love, Maisie |

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