You may think that online shopping is as simple as clicking on the item you want, inputting a couple of details and waiting for it to arrive at your home. And while these are the basics, you may well be missing out on a better deal elsewhere. If you still feel like you are an online shopping novice, this guide is here to give you the skills you need to turn you into a pro. Let’s get started.

Comparison Shop
In the olden days, comparison shopping meant dragging yourself from one shop to the next in the hope of saving a couple of pounds. Nowadays, it is simply a matter of clicking through to a number of different websites to compare prices. This is especially important if you are buying an especially expensive product. There are also plenty of comparison websites out there which you can make use of to make this whole process a lot more straightforward.


Check for Coupon Codes
First of all, check the website itself for any coupons they are offering – particularly if you are a first-time buyer. If not, check external sites such as Voucher Codes PRO for any discounts that you may be able to receive. After all, if you can claim a discount on something, why wouldn’t you go for it? Another good option is to join a cashback website which will pay you a certain percentage of your purchase back again.


Go for Retailers Based in Your Country
You may think that you have snagged a bargain on a product, only to find that the shipping costs are through the roof. So, you should aim to shop from retailers based in your country to avoid this annoyance from happening. This also has the added advantage that you will receive your items a lot more quickly.


Read Reviews
It is obvious that the online retailers will tell you that their products are the best things since sliced bread, but if general members of the public agree, you are much more likely to be onto a winner. As well as general reviews written online, you can also check out ones which have been written by bloggers or other third party publications. Be wary that some of them may have been paid to write positive reviews though.


Signup to Mailing Lists
Yes, it may be very annoying to be bombarded by constant emails from a company, but it is the best way that you are going to snag yourself a discount or other great deal. This is especially important if you plan on shopping at the same store time and time again. You always have the option of unsubscribing if the updates become too much.


These five techniques are simple but effective ways of getting the best deals when you are shopping online. Yes, you usually need to take a little more time, but it is worthwhile if you can save yourself some cash.

*This is a collaborative post