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My favourite things about autumn styling | Love, Maisie |

You’re probably sick of reading this sentence, but I bloody love autumn. The weather, the colours and most importantly, the styling. Although the last few days have felt more like winter than autumn, I thought I’d tell you about the four things that I enjoy most about styling in autumn.

Ahhh, my favourite L word. I’ve always preferred having more options in my wardrobe without spending a lot of money, you feel me? Layering is the perfect thing for this, because it gives you the power to “recycle” pieces from your wardrobe in different ways and just generally switch things up a bit. For example, you could layer a jumper underneath a pair of dungarees or wear your favourite shirt open over a plain t-shirt and then next week, throw your jumper on with a pair of skinny jeans and then wear your favourite shirt buttoned up with your dungarees. I love stores like LOTD as they offer such a wide variety of pretty basics that you can add to your layering wardrobe!

The Colours
I have always said that there is something so incredibly special about the colours in autumn. Isn’t it fascinating that everything in nature is dying but yet it looks so beautiful? Not only do I love the changing of the colours in autumn, but the colour palette for my style is also my favourite. Burnt reds and oranges, mustard yellow, khaki green and wine red are my go to’s every year and they seem to be the colours that always come back around.

The Patterns
Dark florals, tartan, houndstooth, plaid, I could go on and on. Every year when this season comes around, I know that I’ll be able to walk into any high street store and find multiple pieces that I love, purely because the patterns always come back around in style and they all happen to be patterns that I already incorporate into my wardrobe.

A Dark Lip
I think that your makeup can be seasonal as much as your wardrobe can be and an autumnal lip colour that complements the season and your style is a must. Every year I find myself digging out my old favourite’s and they’re all deep reds and purples. Obviously, you can wear any lip colour at any time of the year, but my Rimmel 107 and my Elizabeth Arden Ultra Violet are always my top picks through autumn.

I recently uploaded my autumn/winter style staples over on my YouTube channel and I’d love it if you fancied giving it a watch.. and whilst you’re there, why not give it a thumbs up and subscribe?

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Like this post? Share it with someone else who you think might like it as well!

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  1. I absolutely love autumn colours and layering up with cosy jumpers and scarves. It's definitely my favourite season for clothes.

  2. Autumn clothes are the best and one I feel I really haven't been able to embrace this year! I so badly want to wear pretty skirts and tights but I'd look like humpty dumpty!

  3. I also love winter for the layering! I also feel coats and knits are so stylish!

  4. i love layering too, I get so excited when I know autumn is on the way as I can break out the scarfs and arm warmers hah!

  5. I love layering clothes, big blanket scarves are my favourites!! x

    Gemma Louise

  6. I am so with you on the layering and the colours! Plus, who doesn't look a dark or plum lip?! x

  7. I am definitely with you on layering up! Also who doesn't love a good old berry lip colour?! 🙂 xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  8. Autumn fashion is the best, you can wear so many things and not worry about freezing, I love layering too!

    | |

  9. I love layering up, I feel so much more creative with fashion at this time of year. It's a nice change from walking around in the bare minimum during the Summer xx

  10. Hell yes to Rimmel 107. I am DYING to buy Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry too because my god is that lipstick gorgeous! My most used (other than 107) is probably my NARS Cruella lip pencil. Yasss to ALL the dark/berry lip colours! I need an excuse to wear lipstick again soon please.

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