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10 months old. Double digits. Before I know it, I’ll have a one year old and I honestly don’t think I’m ready for that.

Remember last month when I said that Tyler wasn’t a fan of toast? Well, he’s converted and now bloody loves the stuff! The only problem with that is that I can no longer eat MY toast in peace. He’s also enjoying much more chunky and textured foods which I’m so pleased about as when we first started weaning he didn’t seem to like anything that wasn’t super thin and lump free.

We’re up to two teeth now and I’m pretty sure he’s still teething! Tyler’s second tooth to come through was another bottom one and holy crap they are adorable. Can you describe teeth as adorable? It’s too difficult to capture a decent photo of them so for now you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I finally went to the baby weighing clinic.. only to arrive and be told that it wasn’t on that day, even though I had called a couple of days prior to be sure of the correct date and time. Annoyed is an understatement, but I’ve not been back since. I decided that I would just wait until we have moved towns this month and get Tyler weighted then.. because when the weather is this cold and you’re walking, it feels bloody rubbish when you get there and you can’t actually get your baby weighed!

Tyler’s favourite things at the moment are standing up against the cupboards and the washing machine and banging the doors shut. Not only has this seen a couple of trapped fingers, but flour, formula and food colouring ending up all over the floor. I’ve already seen some cupboard locks for our new kitchen so I’m going to pick them up this week because I don’t think I can take another minute of rearranging cupboard contents!

At the minute I’m trying to teach Tyler lots of new words, but this mainly involves us sitting on the floor whilst I repeat words like “baby” and “daddy” and “book” at him over and over whilst he just tries to scarper and head for his toy box. He’s not learnt anything new since his last update but he’s constantly babbling away and singing like there’s no tomorrow.

TYLER IS 10 MONTHS OLD | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

The last couple of weeks we decided to give controlled crying another go and.. it’s WORKING! I’ll probably jinx myself now but Tyler now, almost, has a proper nap time and bed time sleeping routine! Don’t get me wrong, the first week of the controlled crying was tough but it has paid off so much already! Tyler now goes down for a nap twice a day, once at 10am and then at 2pm. These naps can be anything from 45mins to and hour and 45mins! It is up and down but he happily settles himself in his cot and off he goes to dreamland! This means that I can actually get some work/housework done in peace, hallelujah!

As for the night time sleep.. it’s almost perfect! At 7.30pm Tyler goes down in his cot and self settles and is asleep within minutes. The only problem is that he doesn’t stay there all night. I know this is our own fault for doing some co-sleeping along the way, but Tyler will wake up between 11pm and 2am and just refuse to settle until he’s cuddled in bed with us. It’s lovely and everything but it would be nice to have a full nights sleep in our own bed without a tiny human in between us.

There have been times where Tyler has self settled in the night or has gone back to sleep with a little back rub and his dummy but eventually he will wake again and refuse to sleep. So that part is still a working progress but I am so happy that Tyler is finally napping for longer periods and in his cot, as opposed to multiple 10 minute cat naps on my chest!

TYLER IS 10 MONTHS OLD | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com
My mum and I have been trying to teach Tyler to clap his hands for months now and he’s still not bothered by it at all! He has started giving more high fives though and bashing two objects together in a clapping motion, which I can only assume is progress on the clapping front.
Tyler’s personality is growing more and more each day and I know I said this last month but he is such a cheeky, stubborn but lovely little character already. As much as it pains me that he won’t stay little and naive forever, I am super excited to watch him continue to grow into the person that he will become.

I feel like November was consumed by the packing and planning for our house move this month and that Tyler and I didn’t really get up to much, but hopefully in Tyler’s 11 month update I’ll have lots of lovely Christmassy memories to share with you all. Until then, I’m just going to go and cry in a corner about the fact that my little baby isn’t that much of a baby anymore.

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