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Why hello there 2018 you shinny, sexy thing you. How’re you doing?

I thought I’d kick off 2018 with sharing a few things that 2017 taught me. If you saw my last blog post, you’ll know that I said that 2017 was an amazing but also challenging year for me. Many of the lessons that I learned last year really put me through a hard time but I have come out of the other side stronger than ever.
Your mental health comes first. Always. No matter what. I’ve talked openly on my blog about depression for most of 2017 and although I originally started my blog to document the happy, fun and exciting times in my life, it’s also been an amazing outlet for my mental health.

When Tyler was just a couple of weeks old, I started to feel that these “baby blues” were a little more than just that, but being the stubborn woman that I am, I tried to just “push past it” and hope for the best, but that was the worst thing I could have done.

I suppose a part of me didn’t want everyone fussing over me and trying to help, I know I don’t understand that either. But the worse my depression got, the less I was able to cope with everything, including looking after Tyler.

This might sound selfish but that’s not how I intend it to sound, but you need to put yourself first and make sure that you’re functioning at your best, before you put anyone else before yourself. I wasn’t being the best mother to Tyler that I could have been for the first few months of his life because I was in denial about how I was feeling emotionally and mentally. If I hadn’t had the push from my loved ones and from within myself to seek medical help, I honestly don’t think I would be sitting here right now and sharing this blog post.

3 THINGS THAT 2017 TAUGHT ME | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com
(Tyler back in September, 3 months makes such a difference!)

Motherhood is tough, but so am I. This next thing ties in with the previous. I don’t think I was ever quite sure what I thought motherhood would be like, but I naively did not anticipate it to be this.. tough. Not just the looking after a tiny human thing, but all of it. The emotions, the changes, the mum guilt, ohhhhh the mum guilt is seemingly never ending and Tyler isn’t even a year old yet!

Despite this, 2017 showed me that even in the hardest, toughest moments, I too was tough. I didn’t give up and fought on. Life can be tough on you in so many different ways and really, I know that I am lucky to have had the struggles that I did as oppose to other ones, but whatever challenges you face, beat and rise from in life, you have done it!

I work best when I have a schedule and when I’m busy! I’ve always tried to schedule my life and keep to a plan but having a baby does make that a little difficult to say the least. As Tyler has gotten older it has become a lot easier to create more of a routine and mostly stick to it.

As I started to take my blog more seriously last year and progressed it from just a hobby to a hobby that also helps to pay the bills, I have had to structure my days as best I can to get work done but also make sure not to neglect any precious time with Tyler. Because of this, I’ve realised that when I have a large to do list, I actually work better! I feel as though when I don’t have that many “work” tasks, I feel less motivated to get the ones that I do have on my list, done.

So happy New Year to you all and I hope 2018 brings you everything you could ever wish for! What did 2017 teach you?

3 THINGS THAT 2017 TAUGHT ME | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

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