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I used to write about beauty a lot! Although I wasn’t what one would call a “beauty guru” I still enjoyed trying new beauty products and hacks if you will and writing about them! In fact, some of my beauty blog posts are my most viewed, crazy right?

With that in mind, today I decided to write about 5 beauty trends that I’ll be trying this year and think that you totally should too!


Ombre Lips

Ombre lips are one of those things that I’ve been seeing crop up on Pinterest over the last year or so but haven’t been quite brave enough to try it myself yet! I think I’m going to ease in and start with some nude combinations before moving onto the deep reds and purples!
beauty trends for 2018 | lace wigs | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com
I am seeing more and more people talking about wearing wigs lately, especially lace wigs! Lace wigs in particular seem to be the best bet for a natural looking finish as they’re made to disguise your own hair line, so you’ll have everyone asking you if you’ve had your hair done for sure! I love the idea of investing in a couple of different wigs, like the ones I’ve popped above from Divatress, that are drastically different to my natural hair so that they really add a dramatic edge to my look. The quality of these wigs looks so natural and effortless! I’ll be sure to let you know more thoughts when I order myself a couple!

White (or “tip-ex”) Eyeliner
Another Pinterest pick, but also something I remember seeing on the catwalk for S/S17 so as I mentioned, I’m not the top beauty guru of the world but this is clearly a beauty trend that is, on trend! It’s definitely a better option than the tip-ex nails we used to do in high school, right? I think this white eyeliner look would look extra flawless with a pop of bright colour on the lid too, what do you think?

beauty trends for 2018 | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

Face Gems
Think festival make up, but rolled in to your everyday look! I’m always up for a bit of extra sparkle in my life, so I can’t wait to try out some face gems for myself. I mean, it probably isn’t a beauty trend to trial at work(unless you work within the beauty industry, then go for it!) but why not add a little bit of extra sparkle to your next Friday night out!

beauty trends for 2018 | nails | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

Chrome Nails
Unless you don’t have an Instagram account(or you’re just living under a rock) you might not have seen chrome nails taking over the shop. I’ve recently invested in a mini uv lamp so that I can do my own gel nails, now I just need to pick up some chrome varnishes and I’ll have nail’s shinier than your dads best shoes!

Have you tried any of these beauty trends? Will you be trying any you haven’t yet this year? I’d love to know!

beauty trends for 2018 | Love, Maisie | www.lovemaisie.com

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