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TOP TEETHING TIPS | Love, Maisie |

Teething. My least favourite T word. The dribble, the crying, the pain that seems impossible to stop. The whole teething process is just pretty grim.

Today I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the ways you can stay sane when your little one is teething, because believe it or not, it’s not only them that it causes distress, it will most likely cause you distress too!

I’ve been saying “I think Tyler is teething” since he was about three months old. As of right now, he has four teeth and two that are very almost breaking through and this “journey” to a head full of teeth has been hell.

I’m not exaggerating, it’s been really tough. So I thought I’d write about the little things that have helped me to stay sane whilst dealing with a tiny human that’s teething.

Try out different medical remedies.
Nowadays there are so many choices out there, personally we’ve tried the Ashtons and Parsons teething powder(herbal) and the Anbesol teething liquid. I’m still dubious as to the whether or not these remedies have a huge impact, but it will at least make you feel better knowing that you’ve tried!

Invest in some high quality teething toys
Over the past 9 months I have spent more than I care to share on teething toys. Recently, we were very kindly sent a Matchstick Monkey and Tyler absolutely loves it! Not only is it super cute but it’s really able to get to all the different spots within Tyler’s mouth. There are also some little bumps on the back of the monkeys head which means you can place teething powders/granules/gels on it to reach those pesky molars. At just £9.99 and available in an array of colours, the “miracle” matchstick monkey is a winner for us!

TOP TEETHING TIPS | Love, Maisie |

It’s not you, it’s the teeth
With a distressed, fretting baby in your arms, it’s easy to become frustrated and disheartened yourself. Your little one isn’t crying because of anything you’re doing, it’s the teeth. If you’ve ever had a wisdom tooth pushing through, you’ll be able to sympathise with your baby because you know it’s bloody painfaul!

Try a fresh food feeder with frozen berries
This is something that I tried on a whim, but popping some frozen strawberries and rasperries(or any frozen fruit of your choice) into a fresh food feeder(like this one)

Give yourself a break
We all know that parenting is hard work, but throwing teething into the mix really makes it “pulling out hair” kinda hard work. So if you’re able to, make sure you book in a “night off” from your mama duties and have a pamper night or a couple of drinks with the girls!

Wine.. or gin.. your tipple, your choice!
Of course, I’m not saying that alcohol is the answer because it totally isn’t, but if you do fancy a drink on an evening, you are totally more than deserving of it. Even if it’s cosying up on the sofa and having a naughty hot chocolate with alllll the extra toppings, then you get that chocolate fix mama!

Thankfully, teething doesn’t last forever, but I hope that these little things can help you to keep calm and carry on through this extremely tough patch! What are your top ways for dealing with teething? I’d love to know! For baby and you!

TOP TEETHING TIPS | Love, Maisie |



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  1. Sound like a lot of work! But I‘m sure you‘ll do a great job with your little boy! 🙂 xx

  2. Owh this doesn't sound like a nice time for either of you! It's a great idea to share your experience and some tips for others though!! And he's such a little cutie!!

  3. You can get through it haha! Go girl! x

  4. It sounds like such hard work! I remember when my nephews went through teething my sister got no rest! Such a helpful post.

  5. Teething was awful first time round – my daughter used to vomit every time a tooth was coming and cry all the time. The only thing that worked was anbesol and that was temporary relief. My second daughter was much easier her teeth popped through but my son was also a bad teether. In general teething sucks. Sarah

  6. Teething is hard going! My girls teethed for 13 months before they got their first teeth! Frozen food feeders were so helpful and really eased their suffering!

  7. Great post love. I thought we had it easy as his bottom two came through no bother but the top to have turned our world on it's head for a month now! I am struggling. I find patience is key. You have to be super sympathetic. Rory follows me around all day wanting to be picked up and I am constantly having to stop what I am doing to give him a five minute cuddle and it can be hard but I also know its what he needs and it wont last forever. I am still trying to find the miracle cure though as I hate giving out calpol too much!

  8. We tried most with with little man and not a lot helped! Luckily it didn't bother him too badly at all, a few sleepless nights, and one or two tears (many from me!) I found ice pops helped too!!

  9. Teething is so hard going, there will be light at the end of tunnel.. great tips here.

  10. We love the teething powders! Now Wills is older we rely on Anbesol Liquid and Calpol!xo

  11. Teething is horrible isn’t it! We rely on lots of calpol, Anbesol liquid & cuddles. I also rely on the wine.. I don’t have many luxuries in life so a glass of something special once he is (finally) asleep, is my reward!

    Rachael xx

  12. Teething is such a hard time isn't it. I'm normally there with the calpol, teething toys shoved in the freezer and lots of dribble bibs. Pass the wine (or prosecco!).

  13. Teething is deffo doing the rounds with all the mummy bloggers I know at the moment. We're just out of the woods but Calpol and Ambesol are the only things getting us through! xx

  14. Robin is teething again at the minute and I have almost lost my mind over it!! the lack of sleep isnt fun for all in the house 🙁

  15. I feel your pain, teething babies are so hard to deal with even though it’s not their fault! Poor souls x

  16. My nephew has his last three teeth coming in and is just sleeping so much at the moment but I definitely vouch for the teething powder, it's the only thing that's worked with him 🙂 xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  17. Great tips, thank you for sharing!

  18. I hate the teething stage and im willing it to end now! It feels like he has been teething for months.

    I hope your little one feels better soon.

    Jade x

  19. Teething just seems to go on forever! We used Anbesol and those powders too but I think chew toys are the best. My daughter loved to gnaw on Sophie the giraffe! xx

  20. I think everyones in the same boat but I can’t wait for teething to end. My twins seem to like a muslin soaked in water and popped in the fridge for a bit! x

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