Who doesn’t love saving money on buying expensive perfume brands or make up? Well there is a way to try a product before you actually buy, so you can avoid wasting money.

If you’re on board with getting your hands on free products and if you’re wondering where to start and how to stop wasting money., we have compiled a list of some great freebie sites that offer everything from beauty products to perfume samples.

Freeflys is one of the best and regularly updated website that allows its users to find a number of awesome and exciting freebies on a daily basis. The major categories for freebies on this site include Food, Children, Beauty, Health and more. There is an important thing to note before you begin. Free samples and products are usually awarded to those users who fill out a number of surveys conducted by the website and provide some of their personal information which includes their names, email addresses, shipment addresses, birthday and gender and in some rare cases their personal phone number.

There is also a chance that you might unknowingly sign-up for a number of newsletters and then wake up next morning to find your inbox stuffed with a number of freebies and coupon offers. The smart thing to do in such a scenario is to create a temporary email address that will allow you to carelessly focus on your freebie hunt.

If scrolling through dozens of freebie offers seems like a lot of work to you which is a common scenario for a lot of people with a busy schedule then you can turn to BzzAgent for help. This site allows you to sign up for the freebie products of your choice. All you have to do is write back reviews of the products that you receive and your mail box will stay flooded with freebie products.

Just Freebies is seriously one of the best freebie sites that you might come along and it offers a wide range of free products that you will not want to ignore. Signing up for this website is pretty simple. Just enter a temporary email address and you will get a chance to claim a number of free samples and offers that are uploaded on the website on a daily basis. You’d be looking at everything from diapers to toothpaste, pet care products and cosmetics.

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